Climate Change

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The world is being shredded to pieces in an unjust Israel-Hamas war. There’s still an elephant in the room: Climate change and COP28 in Dubai

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Bill Gates championed a pragmatic, technology-focused strategy for combating climate change despite fears of changes in the weather.

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A recent study shed light on the ongoing biomass combustion pros and cons debate happening in the media concerning BECCS.

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A recent study unveils the role of the richest 10% in fueling the US climate-altering emissions, changing the rules of the capitalism games.

Urgent Action to Improve Food Security

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Tuesday called for urgent action to improve long-term food security in Africa and around the world, while adapting agricultural practices and technology to the changing climate. Yellen spoke after hearing from a woman beekeeper and other farmers whose work was supported by a U.S.-backed project in a rural Zambian […]

Innovative Waste Management Technologies

Digitalization impacts environmental technology, reshaping how we live, engage, and work. According to the Digitalization Report of the European Topic Center, this advancement has enabled a more effective waste management regime. Reducing the number of raw materials mined or imported, avoiding the environmental and climatic repercussions associated with them. According to the Environment Journal, automated […]


Climate Change has been a conundrum facing Humanity for a long time now. While some like to deny it exists, we should not waste time convincing them. The world needs society to step up and try to salvage our home planet before it is too late. Humanity should sustainably use all the tools it has […]