Crypto Crash

U.S. DOJ to Seize $465 Million of Robinhood Shares

U.S. prosecutors are in the process of seizing shares of Robinhood Markets Inc tied to Sam Bankman-Fried, who has been charged with fraud in the collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, a U.S. attorney told a judge on Wednesday. The Department of Justice did not believe the 56 million shares of Robinhood, worth about $465 […]

U.S. Lawmakers Scramble

U.S. senators on Wednesday pressed Congress to regulate cryptocurrency under existing financial rules, as lawmakers scramble to rein in the troubled industry after prosecutors filed criminal charges against FTX founder Samuel Bankman-Fried. Lawmakers are generally in agreement that crypto firms should have greater regulation, but there are divergent views on how the industry should be […]


The crypto market has had a disastrous first half of 2022. Bitcoin and ethereum have dropped by more than half since their all-time highs in late 2021. While there have been some tiny gains in recent weeks, the cryptocurrency market as a whole remains relatively stagnant. While no one knows for certain, some analysts believe […]

Collapse of Ftx

The U.S. House Financial Services Committee said on Wednesday it plans to hold a hearing in December to investigate the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX. The committee said it expects to hear from the companies and individuals involved, including FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried, Alameda Research, Binance, FTX and related entities, among others. “The fall of […]

Ftx’s Bankman-Fried Begged for a Rescue

As customers withdrew billions of dollars from crypto exchange FTX one frantic Sunday this month, founder Sam Bankman-Fried worked the phones in a futile bid to raise $7 billion in emergency funds. Hunkered in his Bahamas apartment, Bankman-Fried toiled through the night, calling some of the world’s biggest investors, including Sequoia Capital, Apollo Global Management […]

FTX Looks for $9.4 Billion in Rescue Funds

FTX is scrambling to raise about $9.4 billion from investors and rivals, a source said on Thursday, as Chief Executive Sam Bankman-Fried urgently seeks to save the cryptocurrency exchange that has been buffeted by a rush of customer withdrawals. Bankman-Fried has discussed raising $1 billion each from Justin Sun, the founder of crypto token Tron, […]

Cryptocurrency Terra Luna

The Cryptocurrency Terra Luna crash shocked the crypto world upon its unfolding a while back. In an upset that shook the crypto world, Terra came crashing down. The Cryptocurrency Terra Luna’s plummet towards the crypto abyss was so impactful it de-pegged the stablecoin TetherUSD(UST). Such a massive collapse can teach us a lot upon reflecting […]

Will Bitcoin Crash Further

The Crypto market is an exciting thing to observe, unpredictable and never constant. Since its dawn, the world of Crypto has puzzled many investors and enthusiasts alike. Its first crash took the world by surprise, but now each blow is a case to study. Instead of just deeming crashes as mere crashes, they are sometimes […]