Boeing Under Attack from LockBit

The aerospace giant Boeing was under attack from Boeing. It confirmed that its distribution and part division were cyberattacked.

cyber criminals

To humanity’s dismay, one’s noble intentions when innovating technology is a moot point. Once that creation is out there, made available to everyone, its application is open to interpretation. Someone somewhere will always find nefarious uses for the technology. And those are cyber criminals. The Dangers of Cyber Criminals The same technology that allowed companies […]

Cyber Assault Against Ukraine

Russian hackers appear to be preparing a renewed wave of cyber attacks against Ukraine, including a “ransomware-style” threat to organizations serving Ukraine’s supply lines, a research report by Microsoft said on Wednesday. The report, authored by the tech giant’s cyber security research and analysis team, outlines a series of new discoveries about how Russian hackers […]

World Cup cybersecurity

With billions of worldwide Fifa World Cup viewers, it is a gold mine for hackers and malicious actors to exploit. Football fans aren’t the only ones tuned in to see some of the world’s top players fight for the title of 2022 champions. These eye-catching events also pique the interest of cyber threat actors with […]

Cybercrime in Dubai

One of the greatest rates of regional digital adoption may be seen in the United Arab Emirate (UAE), but consequently, has seen a proportional increase of cybercrime in Dubai and the surrounding areas. The World Digital Report 2021 provided information on 43 nations’ web-based lifestyles in 2020, including the UAE. In the past year, UAE […]

Dark Web

Where there is dark web activity, there can also be a gold mine for dark web threat intelligence. For good cause, the phrase “dark web” has been used in relation to illicit and nefarious online activity including the sale of illegal goods, including narcotics, firearms, and other items. There are countless illegal transactions and activities […]

How to Defeat Modern Phishing Attacks

Modern web-based threats are rapidly evolving, becoming more sophisticated and highly evasive to security measures. There is an increase in successful web-based attacks, and one of the most common types is phishing attacks, so it pays to know how to defeat modern phishing attacks. We are seeing a large increase in both known and unknown […]

During the past decade, password leaks and data breaches have hit companies, such as Facebook, Equifax, Home Depot, Marriott, Yahoo, Target, and countless others, which requires security of data to be present.      Hackers leaked information and data on at least one of the online accounts. To know which of the accounts was compromised? Search […]