Big Tech and AI: A Match Made in the Matrix

In light of Microsoft’s recent expensive investment in OpenAI after their generative artificial intelligence (AI) ChatGPT went viral, everyone is wondering how the game has changed since Big Tech giants set the rules for the rest of us. OpenAI is a startup company specializing in artificial intelligence research to promote and develop friendly AI to […]

Microsoft Aims for Ai-Powered Version of Bing - The Information

Microsoft Corp is in the works to launch a version of its search engine Bing using the artificial intelligence behind OpenAI-launched chatbot ChatGPT, The Information reported on Tuesday, citing two people with direct knowledge of the plans. Microsoft could launch the new feature before the end of March, and hopes to challenge Alphabet-owned search engine […]

How to Use DALL-E 2

Since it was first displayed in April, DALLE 2 has attracted a lot of attention since it seems to be the most advanced AI art generator to date. The future of human creativity in the face of AI has some people quite concerned, but some designers and artists have been learning how to harness the […]

Dall-E 2 AI Image Creator Is Now Open to Everyone

Great news AI generated art fans, Open AI’s DALL-E 2 is now officially open to the public.                Although the platform is still in beta,  anyone can now register for DALL-E 2 and begin experimenting with its fascinating AI. Since it was initially shown in April, DALLE 2 has generated a lot of buzz since it […]