Quantum Computing Technology: The Dark Side

Quantum computing technology is truly a masterpiece although it is not yet mature. I’ve already sung its praise: the benefits it brings to the table, the advantage it gives the telecom industry, and the radical revolution it will incite in the medical field. But it’s time to bring the expectations back to earth as there […]

Building a Strong Defense of Data Security for Telecommunications

In this digital age, telecommunication has become an integral part of our lives. People are constantly worried about their data privacy when they access a program or smartphone. Cyber-attacks can happen to anyone using technology, including telecommunication companies. Cybercriminals are developing new and sophisticated methods to breach data security and steal sensitive information as technology […]

Post Quantum Crypto Algorithms: Fortifying the Future

As we know by now, quantum computing is set to change the dynamics in terms of the global technological revolution and modernization of computing power. A technological colossal that is set to change how information is encrypted and data are processed. Quantum computing is not something that is easily comprehended, and the science behind it […]