Funding for Tech Startups: A New Future  

————-  The rise of technology and entrepreneurship has played a significant role in changing the way we live and work. From the early days of the internet to the rise of artificial intelligence, technology has helped us to execute jobs quickly and efficiently while also allowing entrepreneurs to start businesses that have revolutionized our lives.  […]

Telcos and e-Wallets Unlock a More Inclusive Financial Future

The potential of telcos to expand beyond communications and integrate FinTech functionality on their network, creating huge business possibilities for both sectors.   ________________________  The global scope and coverage of telcos are enormous. It should be clear that telcos can use this reach for possibilities outside of communications. Huge business possibilities for both sectors could be […]

Cryptocurrency - Adapting to the changes in Financial Technology

Recently, it seems that the global community has jumped aboard the digital currency bandwagon with China’s exploration of a digital yuan, to Facebook’s Libra. Now, Japan are working on a proposal for the county, to issue its own digital currency – the digital yen. This is said to be a joint initiative between the government and […]