Ford Motor Co.

US cannot compete with China’s EVs

Bill Ford has told the media that the US can’t compete with China’s EVs. Neither on progress to date, nor technology, nor volumes, the mighty American motor industry is on the ropes – this was his summation. The current Executive Chairman of the Ford Motor Company in Detroit went on to explain that the speed […]

China’s Xi Has Mixed Feelings about CATL’s Battery Market Dominance

Chinese President Xi Jinping told CATL on Monday he had mixed feelings about its status as the world’s largest battery maker – remarks that come at a time when the company is rapidly expanding abroad and moving to undercut domestic rivals. After a presentation by CATL Chairman Zeng Yuqun who described how the firm commands […]

Ford Launches Automated Driving Unit Latitude AI Months after Winding Down Argo

Ford Motor Co on Thursday launched a new automated driving system subsidiary, Latitude AI, months after winding down operations of its former self-driving technology unit Argo AI. Carmakers including Mercedes-Benz have ramped up their investments towards integrating more software and autonomous tech in vehicles despite some skepticism on the technology. Latitude will expand on the […]

China to Scrutinize Ford's EV Battery Deal with CATL - Bloomberg News

China will scrutinize Ford Motor Co’s latest deal with battery giant CATL to ensure the Chinese company’s core technology is not shared with the U.S. automaker, Bloomberg News reported on Thursday. Beijing is concerned the Detroit carmaker could gain access to the competitive aspects of CATL’s technology, but the scrutiny is unlikely to result in […]