Fossil Fuels

Mixed Signals from the Energy Sector?

It’s OPEC vs IEA Yesterday, the Secretary General of OPEC was given air time on CNN. He told the world that a lack of investment in the oil industry could spike prices for crude oil to over $100 a barrel and jeopardise global energy security. Energy security is defined as an uninterrupted availability of energy […]

Balancing Growth Sustainability and Public Satisfaction in Iceland

Just as one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The waste from one production stream can be transformed into a valuable resource for another, resulting in a society that produces no waste. Geothermal energy is an abundant and sustainable source of energy that is often overlooked in favor of more popular renewable energy sources such […]

Explainer - What Are e-Fuels, and Can They Help Make Cars CO2-Free?

Germany has declared last-minute opposition to a landmark European Union law to end sales of CO2-emitting cars in 2035, demanding that sales be allowed of new cars with internal combustion engines after that date if they run on e-fuels. The EU law would require all new cars sold from 2035 to have zero CO2 emissions, […]

Inside BP’s Plan to Reset Renewables as Oil and Gas Boom

BP hasn’t fallen out of love with renewables. It just wants to have more power. CEO Bernard Looney’s pursuit of green energy outstripped all rivals three years ago when he outlined a radical blueprint to move away from fossil fuels. Last month he applied the brakes, slowing BP’s planned cuts in oil and gas and […]

Big Oil to Take Centerstage at Houston Meet as Markets, Alliances Shift

Top energy executives and officials from around the world will descend on Houston next week just as the political fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a year ago continues to distort global oil supply lines and put long-term energy security front of mind for governments. Oil company chiefs and ministers will make their case for […]