Future Technology

You need to keep up. Web3 is not something to anticipate. It is something you need to adapt to and live with. Web3 is the next step for various sectors, and the telecom sector is no different. Telecom and Web3 are codependent. There is a need for a balance between them. This balance is crucial […]

In this digital age, telecommunication has become an integral part of our lives. People are constantly worried about their data privacy when they access a program or smartphone. Cyber-attacks can happen to anyone using technology, including telecommunication companies. Cybercriminals are developing new and sophisticated methods to breach data security and steal sensitive information as technology […]

Applications for intelligent terminals are growing, including those for smart cities, smart transportation, virtual reality, and augmented reality. The various needs mean that 5G networks still need to be enhanced. However, the exploration and use of upcoming 6G networks still heavily depend on effectively utilizing the resources. A new era of the Internet of everything would begin […]

Sci-Fi and the Future

Sci-Fi movies are a pillar of pop culture. You probably reference scenes from these movies daily. In previous eras, movies related to Sci-Fi and the future gained traction and popularity. Such movies made bold claims and introduced techs and gadgets that they hoped would be a reality in the future. Well, the events of one […]


Climate Change has been a conundrum facing Humanity for a long time now. While some like to deny it exists, we should not waste time convincing them. The world needs society to step up and try to salvage our home planet before it is too late. Humanity should sustainably use all the tools it has […]


Blockchain has already made its mark on the world. The cryptocurrency world has blockchain at its core, moving many industries forward and changing lives. This distributed ledger technology (DLT) might disrupt many carrier fields, but that doesn’t mean it won’t benefit many others. Blockchain is already finding its way to mainstream appeal, but when will […]

Depend on Technology Too Much

From the moment our ancestors used sticks to poke at termite mounts or threw rocks at predators, our species has been fundamentally tied to the technologies that we use. As time went on, humanity became increasingly tied to the items we forge and create, and society itself was built and maintained with the tools in […]