Is the GPU Shortage Over?

After the COVID-19 crisis took the world by surprise, global industries suffered the wrath of the pandemic on the economy. One industry, in particular, witnessed the most damaging crisis in its history. Manufacturers of graphic processing units (GPU) were exceptionally vulnerable to the economic outcomes of the pandemic, which was also catastrophically affected by the […]

Intel's First-Gen Discrete Laptop GPU Set for Release in Q1

On Thursday, chip manufacturing giant Intel announced it would be releasing its first-generation Discrete laptop GPU in the upcoming weeks, without specifying the actual release date, reassuring it will be available in the market in 2022’s first quarter (Q1).  The release will be synchronized with the date of the 12th-generation Intel H-series notebooks, with some […]

Intel’s ARC GPU to enter the gaming arena

Intel announced on Monday manufacturing plans for its brand-new consumer Graphical Programming Units (GPU) dubbed as Intel Arc, which will rival some of the biggest names in the industry with its modern high-end discreet GPUs. The chip manufacturer’s journey kicks off with innovative graphics solutions aiming to deliver high-performance gaming, engaging visuals, and consistent game streaming […]