Green Energy

Nuclear Dispute Hangs Over EU Renewable Energy Talks

The European Union enters the final stage of tense talks over how to treat hydrogen produced using nuclear power on Wednesday, in an effort to end a dispute that threatens to thwart a deal on more ambitious renewable energy goals. Negotiators from EU countries and the European Parliament are meeting to reach a deal on […]

Britain's Tax Take Risks Blowing Green Energy Off Target

A cap on revenue and the lack of the kind of incentives offered to oil explorers are blocking the development of renewable energy in Britain, say industry officials who are pressing for changes ahead of this week’s budget. The British government has set targets for major increases in wind generation, for instance, as it seeks […]

EU Seeks to Arrest Industry Decline in Green Transition

The European Union is a global frontrunner in cutting carbon emissions but is also moving to ensure the green transition doesn’t make it an industrial desert, with a raft of measures due to be announced next week. Europe’s industrial competitiveness in relation to the United States and China, the world’s two biggest economies, has become […]

US, EU in Talks on Clean Technology Trade Deal -FT

U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said the United States and the European Union were in talks about a free trade-style deal around clean technology, the Financial Times reported on Friday. “We don’t want to see any trade rivalry. And we’re in discussion with our EU counterparts about how to make sure we can do this […]

Inside BP’s Plan to Reset Renewables as Oil and Gas Boom

BP hasn’t fallen out of love with renewables. It just wants to have more power. CEO Bernard Looney’s pursuit of green energy outstripped all rivals three years ago when he outlined a radical blueprint to move away from fossil fuels. Last month he applied the brakes, slowing BP’s planned cuts in oil and gas and […]

Our New Frenemy: The CO2 Battery

A new carbon dioxide battery (CO2) has entered the energy market. Yes, you did read that right, a CO2 battery, and it might be just what wind turbines are looking for to help them harness the full force of the wind. Carbon dioxide is used in the technology to store heat and pressure energy. It’s […]

Sustainable Supply Chain Monitoring

Even before the pandemic caused crowded ports and a labor shortage in global supply chains, supply chain optimization was crucial. Moreover, governments and business executives are working harder to optimize supply chain operations. As the current geopolitical climate presents new global supply chain challenges for organizations. Supply Chain Monitoring can prove to be crucial for […]

The Role of Green Hydrogen in Smart Grids

What role does green hydrogen created from renewable energy sources using electrolyzers play in the global effort to decarbonize electricity and smart energy grids? Is it an unrealized chimera, a conceivable but distant reality, a game-changer, or the answer to all of our decarbonization problems? In this post, we review the many methodologies being investigated, […]

Are Hydrogen Power Generators the Future?

In addition to battery power and renewable fuels, hydrogen has the potential to be a paradigm-shifting technology that will be crucial in developing the carbon-neutral civilizations of the future. A kind of energy called hydrogen has characteristics that can lower the overall amount of greenhouse gas emissions. While biofuels, battery-electric vehicles, and machines may already […]