Digital Twin technology

Ever since their first appearance in 1989, Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems have wormed themselves into the next centuries of innovations, from intelligent toasters to robotic butlers. And while they heavily rely on cloud computing, they managed to make data the new oil of the digital age. As a result, we have witnessed the implementation of IoT […]

Apple to Start Using In-House Screens

Apple Inc is planning to start using its own custom displays in its mobile devices from 2024 onwards in an attempt to bring more components in-house, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday, citing people with knowledge of the matter. The company intends to begin by swapping out the display in the highest-end Apple Watches by the […]

Boe Plans New Factories in Vietnam

Chinese display maker BOE Technology Group Co Ltd, a supplier of both Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, plans to invest a substantial sum to build two factories in Vietnam, two people familiar with the matter said. The investment may total up to $400 million, one of them said. The plan underscores efforts by […]

Metaverse Could Accelerate Manufacturing

For companies playing with virtual reality as disparate as plane-maker Boeing Co and online-gaming platform Roblox Corp, forays into the so-called “metaverse” have come with equal parts promise and peril. The U.S. aviation giant is looking to digital technology to accelerate production of new aircraft, said Susan Doniz, Boeing’s chief information officer, at the Reuters […]