telecom Monopoly

When many businesses provide rival goods or services that are comparable but imperfect alternatives, monopolistic competition exists. A monopolistic competitive industry has minimal entry requirements, and decisions made by any one firm do not immediately affect those of its rivals. The price and marketing choices made by the rival companies serve as their points of […]

Next FIFA Edition

This debate is over. It has long been debated whether Qatar has the history and stature in football to host the World Cup. But the Qataris sought to convey from the outset that this would be a regional competition and one that would represent the entire Arab world. Regional disparities, especially the boycott of Qatar, […]

Web 3.0 Innovations

UAE, October 12, 2022: Pioneers in the metaverse ecosystem explored the multi-billion opportunity in the emerging virtual universe on the second day of GITEX GLOBAL 2022. Diverse industries from gaming, retail, fashion and sports are looking to explore an increasingly vast and rich virtual ecosystem in Web 3.0, with Dubai Metaverse Strategy envisioning more than […]