VEON’s Beeline wins three Ookla Speedtest awards for its mobile network in Uzbekistan

VEON Ltd. (NASDAQ and Euronext Amsterdam: VEON), a leading global provider of connectivity and internet services, announced on September 15, that its operating company in Uzbekistan, Beeline, has received three awards from Ookla Speedtest for the quality, speed and breadth of its mobile network in the country.  Beeline Uzbekistan won awards in the three categories of Best Mobile Network, Fastest Mobile Network and […]

Lessons from Mobile World Congress: Seizing digital opportunities

As a highlight of many tech company calendars, Mobile World Congress (MWC) was sorely missed in 2020. Back with an albeit smaller, socially distanced bang in June 2021, MWC still didn’t disappoint. One of the event’s greatest takeaways was that — whether telcos are ready or not — we’re entering a new, digital era. Let’s […]

Pandemic propels mobile gaming

As the pandemic continues to spread, we may start to think about all the time we spend between the four walls amid lockdown and quarantine; the countless swipes, scrolls and clicks that help us get through the days, and when the day comes to an end, the one mobile game we turn to. Whether you’re […]

Mobile money transfers take a big hit in Zimbabwe

“Order out of chaos”, defines what happened in Zimbabwe when the economic crisis prompted the rapid adoption of mobile money, after going through a harsh decade of economic crises, which included currency instability, hyperinflation and a collapse of the formal financial system. However, at a time when mobile money transfers are most needed, Zimbabwe has […]

Mobile education & transforming the learning experience

‘Mobile education’ occurs when a student utilizes portable devices like smart phones, tablets, netbooks or handheld gaming devices, to access learning materials and systems, create content and connect with other students, teachers, learning systems and their environment. Mobile devices mean that education and learning can happen at any time and any place at a speed […]