China's New Government Restructuring Plan

China has unveiled plans for a sweeping central government reorganisation at its annual parliament session, including the formation of a financial regulatory body and national data bureau and a revamp of its science and technology ministry. Here are the main changes and what they mean. WHAT DOES THE RESTRUCTURING INVOLVE? A new national financial regulatory […]

Innovation in Medtech

Innovation in MedTech has been kept alive by quick advancements in revolutionary healthcare. Technologies and increased need created demand for integrated tech-enabled care. At the same time, medical technology entrepreneurs need help with a patchwork of international laws, regulations, and standards. Whether they are working in diagnostics, telemedicine, wearables, or AI-driven healthcare offerings. Innovators and […]

Online Gaming Companies

India has proposed a body for the online gaming industry to regulate itself as concerns rise over the addictiveness of games and as patchy state laws disrupt business, in draft amendments to its information technology rules published on Monday. The proposal comes after a government panel recommended new rules to regulate a sector estimated to […]

India Antitrust Body

Google has told a tribunal in India that the country’s antitrust investigators copied parts of a European ruling against the U.S. firm for abusing the market dominance of its Android operating system, arguing the decision be quashed, legal papers show. The Competition Commission of India (CCI) in October fined Alphabet Inc’s Google $161 million for […]

U.S. Chip and Tool Exports

The Biden administration plans next month to broaden curbs on U.S shipments to China of semiconductors used for artificial intelligence and chipmaking tools, several people familiar with the matter said. The Commerce Department intends to publish new regulations based on restrictions communicated in letters earlier this year to three U.S. companies — KLA Corp, Lam […]

Live blockchains are growing daily at an ever-growing pace. As of our present day, there are more than 10 000 active Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. With such a presence, having the right knowledge base has never been more valuable as this decentralized technology becomes more and more embedded into global establishments. So, what are the pros and cons […]

Reducing Harmful Content

Big tech companies agreed on Monday to reduce harmful online content in New Zealand, making a move that critics said dodged the alternative of government regulation. Meta Platforms Inc, Alphabet-owned Google, TikTok, Inc and Twitter had signed a code of practice, said Netsafe, a government-funded internet-safety group. The companies would follow the code as […]

DeFi EU Regulation

Executive director of Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), Birgit Rodolphe, has appealed for novel and comprehensive regulation of the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector across the European Union and to create a consistent DeFi EU regulation. BaFin is Germany’s financial regulator, in charge of overseeing banks, insurance companies, and other financial organizations, which includes everything […]