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Meta Deletes Facebook News Tab in Europe

On September 5th, Meta announced that it would be deleting the Facebook News tab in the UK, France, and Germany in early December. Meta’s move towards deprecation is driven by several factors. According to the company, “News makes up less than 3% of what people around the world see in their Facebook feed.” This implies […]

The Industrial Metaverse and Digital Twins

Since Facebook announced it is rebranding to Meta, the long-forgotten concept of the Metaverse, which first appeared in 1992 in the novel “Snow Crash”, has suddenly become the talk of the town. The concept of the Metaverse is fascinating to say the least, for all the good and bad reasons. It is no longer a […]

U.S. Tech Companies Yank Job Offers, Leaving College Grads Scrambling

One by one, over the last week of May, Twitter Inc rang up some members of its incoming class of new hires who had recently graduated from college and revoked the job offers in 15-minute calls, according to some of the recipients. “It was traumatic,” Iris Guo, an incoming associate product manager living in Toronto, […]

Telefonica and Alava partner to launch 5G, IoT and AI smart industry platform

Spanish telco Telefonica Tech partnered with Engineering company Grupo Alava to create a predictive maintenance solution based on IoT, 5G, and machine learning installations.   As such, Telefónica said that “LTE (4G) and 5G componentry will be available to enterprises as part of the predictive analytics offer on both private and public network infrastructure, with edge-based private […]

China's President Calls for Harsher Regulations on Tech Industry

Chinese President Xi Jinping is seeking to further tighten the grip on the country’s digital economy, demanding altered regulations and governance over the industry.  The President expressed his vision of China’s digital economy, referring to its growth as “unhealthy” development, with a goal of reinforcing China’s economic growth through technological development.  China should “cultivate a […]