The telecommunications sector is changing due to advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing. These tools support remote work and communication while boosting output and effectiveness. Telecom services are essential for corporate success and continuity in the modern digital era. They promote workplace flexibility, improve communication efficiency, and help businesses reach customers more […]

Just imagine that you can no longer access your email or use the internet; this is a small glimpse of the cyber-attacks that telecoms are facing nowadays. The continuous involvement of technology in our daily lives makes distributed denial services (DDoS) attacks something forcibly enacted. No one is immune to the security threats which raised […]

5G Growth

It’s an obvious matter rather than a prediction or analysis! As we come across the last days of the first month of this year, many things become clear. This is the year when 5G technology will finally be adopted by many countries worldwide. It’s easy to get excited about this new technology and its potential […]

eSIM Blockchain

We often think of blockchain technology as the hidden power behind cryptocurrency transactions. But what if I told you that these secured networks also support some of our most cutting-edge technologies? eSIMs, electronic SIM cards, can now be powered by a decentralized blockchain system. The future of mobile technology is eSIMs supported by blockchains. These […]

7G Network

Globally, the 7G Network provides a faster means of communication. A 7G network is the quickest way to make a call, whether it is local or international. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), or 7G, requires access to all local and international telecommunications. Additionally, all of its clients trust the 7G Network since it gives them […]

telecom solutions

Fonia was established in 2008 in the Basque country, offering various network solutions and partnering with distributors throughout France. Fonia’s telecom solutions include voice, telephony, internet, hardware, and hosting solutions. Fonia is shaping up to be an essential player in the French telecom scenes. Customers and partners alike are satisfied with the telecom solutions presented […]

Guided and Unguided Media

The world currently relies heavily on data transfer and media transmission. Yet the two types of media remain a topic under-discussed. Guided and unguided media transmit the media as we know it today. Wired or wirelessly, the technology we use couldn’t be perfected today without the presence of these two types. Guided Media The media […]

6G Network Countries

Although 5G technology is still in its relative infancy. Leading technological companies, including wireless carriers, chipset producers, vendors, and providers of Meta technology, are actively working to deploy 6G networks —the next significant breakthrough for wireless communications. Which countries are the closest to deploying their 6G networks?  Benefits of 6G Network Technology  6G boasts higher […]