DeepMind CEO Molding Our Drug Preferences

Demis Hassabis, has brought to the table that technological integration of AI designed drugs in a few years could reach clinical testing.

Demis Hassabis, one of the foremost figures in AI has brought to the table that the technological integration of AI designed prescription drugs in a few years could reach clinical testing.

Hassabis has spoken openly about his prediction on an episode of the New York Times podcast In the podcast he states that they are very close to being capable of finding cures for cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Hassabis stated in his own words that “I would say we’re a couple of years away from having the first truly AI-designed drugs for a major disease, cardiovascular, cancer.”

“We’ve just signed big deals with Big Pharma and on real drug programs. And I expect in the next couple of years, we’ll have AI-designed drugs in the clinic, in clinical testing,” he added. “And that’s going to be an amazing time. And that’s when people will start to really feel the benefits in their daily lives in really material and incredible ways.”

Clinical trials are being undergone to assess whether the new drug or device is safe and would be effective when it comes to human use. The process begins with the drugs being tested during the clinal testing phase which can reach to years of development to be able to get in the market.

Experts in the field mention that AI can aid in the acceleration of the drug discovery and can create personalized care for the patients. Other experts mention that we should be warned about the models due to the fact that some of the models aren’t trained on various data sets.

“That, which is a well-intended feature, was applied, it turns out, too bluntly,” Hassabis stated at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. “We care of course about historical accuracy and so we’ve taken that feature offline while we fix that, and we hope to have that back online in very short order.”

When the world of AI and Pharma drug come together, the world can become a better place. The issue is, will people be able to create trust between the drugs and the process of them being produced?

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