Ten Mistakes that Are Killing Your Phone 

Phone Lifespan

Almost everyone nowadays has a smartphone. Technology has advanced massively, and smartphones are becoming more and more accessible. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t require maintenance. You should always take care of your smartphone lifespan, so here are ten mistakes killing your phone. 

  • Giving Up on Your Screen 

Most phones currently come with a level of protection. The famous Gorilla Glass grade system might lead users to give up on taking care of their screens. A budget phone usually comes with a pre-installed screen protector. It usually creates bubbles after a while and is usually just a sticker. Getting glass protection is essential. It is better to break cheap glass protection than break your actual screen. 

  • Using Random Chargers 

Phones have charging port types, type C, for example. You’d think any charger will do if your phone fits this criterion. Not, besides specific speed, like 15W up to 120W. Phone manufacturers have particular technologies that they use in their chargers. So yes, any charger might charge your phone, but it won’t be healthy for the battery. Finally, these habits can easily affect your battery lifespan. 

  • Not Being Up-to Date 

Keep your phone updated! The periodic updates aren’t meant to improve your user experience. They come to address discovered issues and vulnerabilities. Software gets bugs, significantly when the phone is newly released, don’t only update it then. Keep it updated to ensure you have the best software version, even if it can get annoying to pay attention to it. 

  • Extreme Temperature 

A phone, like any device, overheates. When you are using your phone, the process of processing these apps can force your phone to overwork itself, leading to it getting hot. It won’t help your smartphone lifespan if you tend to just let your phone sit in hot temperatures. Additionally, you can apply all we said to cold temperatures since it can affect your phone badly. Any extremity is terrible! 

  • Downloading Apps from Untrusted Sources 

Sometimes you are tempted to download a paid app you find on the app store for free. This means manually downloading it from a website, which is an untrusted source. You are inviting various malicious software to tamper with your phone. Your phone will get slower and buggier, certain apps won’t run properly, and you’ll start seeing plenty of unwanted ads and bloatware. This can certainly affect the average lifespan of a smartphone. 

  • Connecting to Random Wi-Fi 

Our lives are getting even more fast-paced by the second. You’ll work in a coffee shop more often than you want. Access to the internet is crucial, so you’ll connect to a public WI-FI. This is very harmful to your phone. Public “hotspots” are poorly encrypted and barely secured. You won’t only be putting your data at risk but your phone. Various malware can find its way into your phone and infect it.  

  • Get a Sturdy Phone Case 

Phones are delicate, especially flagship ones. Phone companies usually opt for using fancier components to give an elegant feeling, rendering the phone more prone to damage if it gets dropped. Many phone case brands offer rigid options for specific phones and don’t prioritize aesthetics over protection. Choose a phone case for your particular model and let it be durable.  

  • Never Turning It Off 

Turn your phone off! We usually keep our phones on all day and night. It is a machine that needs rest. Consider rebooting it now and then or turning it off for a while if you’re not using it. Leave your phone off and take a walk. As cheesy as it sounds, enjoy the moment. 

  • Run It Dry 

Even though it seems you must always keep your phone charged, it is okay to run it dry sometimes. Use your phone for a whole day, let the battery run out, and then set it. This will promote good battery life. It will refresh your battery when you use it, don’t be afraid. Let the battery do what it was built to: power your phone. 

  • Keep the Brightness Balanced 

Maximum brightness was created so you can use your phone in direct sunlight. You don’t need to crank it up the whole time. Keep it balanced. It will preserve your screen. It won’t push it to the max the entire time, maintaining its pixel density. 

Final Thoughts 

Finally, your phone can contain your life. Not only that, but it allows you to manage it as well. Take care of it, it is a technological wonder, but it is also prone to damage. An average phone lifespan can depend on its build and specs, but you can optimize it with good habits and proper maintenance. Don’t ignore your smartphone lifespan. It’s always in your hands, but you must take care of it. 

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