The New Acer Swift Edge: Light as a Feather

New Acer Swift

Founded in 1976, Acer is a Taiwanese multinational corporation that generally deals with hardware and electronics, specifically advanced electronics technology. Its products are known to be durable, withstanding the test of time and human handling. Back in early October 2022, Acer released its new Acer Swift Edge. They designed it to be the perfect device for hybrid workers and digital nomads. As a consumer in a world that offers 101 options for every purchase, a good list of pros and cons is mandatory. We made this one for you.

Quick Overview of the New Acer Swift Edge

This AMD-powered Acer laptop has a 16” OLED display screen with 16GB of memory and 1TB of total solid-state drive capacity. The developers picked Windows 11 Home 64-bit as the operating system. The graphics card is a Radeon Graphics one. A 3-cell battery allows the device to last a maximum of 7.5 hours. Its most significant selling point is its weight. The designers engineered it to be as light as it possibly could be. It ended up being about half an inch thin and slightly over two and a half pounds. The security of your data on this device relies on AMD Ryzen™ Pro1, Microsoft Pluton1, and biometric authentication.

Pros of the New Acer Swift Edge

We start strong with a list of benefits.


Regarding weight, the new Acer Swift laptop is the lightest portable computer on the market. While a laptop’s purpose is to be mobile, some are so heavy that you’d rather keep them in one place. One thing you can be sure of is that the priority was mobility. The target audience for this device is the digital nomads and the hybrid workers of the world. Travel is made easier with such a lightweight computer.


The new Acer Swift Edge laptop has an exceptional 16” OLED screen. Such screens contain a single layer of an organic compound where individual pixels emit light when electricity is applied. Hence, turning off the appropriate pixels creates a black area on the screen. The conventional display screen, in-plane switching (IPS), relies on liquid crystal display (LCD) panels backlit by light-emitting diodes (LEDs). In contrast with IPS, OLED’s engineering allows it to create true blacks. As a result, the device provides amazingly dynamic images so that dark scenes in movies will be pleasant to watch for once.


The new Acer Swift Edge retails at around 1,500 USD. Considering it has features that would usually run a laptop’s price above 2,000 USD, it is a good deal. The price point is better by a considerable margin than its similarly sized and equipped competitors.

Honorable Mentions

  • Strong performance for productivity and entertainment
  • Several ports include but are not limited to 1 HDMI and 4 USB Ports.

Cons of the New Acer Swift Edge

Every rose has its thorns. And the new Acer Swift Edge is no exception.


Unfortunately, the new Acer Swift Edge runs hot when pushed. Any laptop, especially this one, packs significant processing power and storage in a very cramped state. So, overheating is a serious issue when it comes to portable laptops. It can result in hardware failure and permanent damage to the internal components. Furthermore, if you do not exercise caution when using your computer sitting on your lap, you could end up in discomfort.

Battery Life

The new Acer Swift Edge is small and compact to other laptops. But this advantage came at the detriment of other features. If you aim for a light chassis, you must settle for an average battery life. The 3-cell battery allows a measly 7.5 hours of run time. Meanwhile, its competitors provide long battery life, such as the Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 for two-thirds of the price.

Honorable Mentions

  • The build is lackluster. The outer shell is of thinner metal than its competitor. So, its flexibility could be anxiety-inducing to some.
  • The keyboard is a bit cramped. It doesn’t have a numeric keypad which I feel is inconvenient.

In Conclusion

The new Acer Swift Edge is a neat piece of technology. It retails at 1,500 USD, a reasonable price for all it offers. This device may be the laptop for you if you have a nomadic lifestyle or a hybrid work arrangement, as it is lightweight and compact. The size, however, does come at the expense of other features like battery and cooling. But it will allow for entire operations. This Acer laptop’s screen relies on OLED technology, allowing for good sunlight visuals. If you are accident-prone, like I am, I do not recommend this Acer Swift laptop. It’s way too flexible for my comfort. I would be anxiety-ridden during transit until I reached my destination. Moreover, relying on heavy-duty software in your work might drive the device’s temperature up and drain your battery faster. Research well before you purchase because a well-informed buyer is a happy buyer.

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