Are You Down to Purchase the New MacBook Pro?

The New MacBook Pro with a Powerful M3 Chip.

Apple is launching a new Macbook Pro, supported by its M3 chip, to be released in late 2023. What are the new Apple flavors this time?

According to Forbes, a more powerful M3 chip and a new design for a larger display and a thinner profile. But is it the same price as the older version of the 14-inch MacBook Pro? Of course not, considering there is a $300 increase in the price tag, from $1299 to $1599.

Apple hasn’t confirmed the news yet. 

None of these details are confirmed, but there are rumors flying here and there. That’s Apple’s marketing strategy, nothing to be surprised about, of course.

Rumored new features

As mentioned earlier, the chip encompasses a shift to the M3 chip, which actually presents a 10% increase in performance, surpassing the M2 chipset. In addition to that, the screen is increased by an inch, from 13 to 14 inches.

Critics Debate

Critics argue that the new added features are not worth the price. It’s like you’re heating an old main dish from the other day, expecting it’ll be THAT good when it’s freshly cooked.

And there could be a valid point in what they are saying. It has limited RAM (8 GB) and reduced input and output options (I/O) – the different ports and connection possibilities provided on a device.

When we talk about the MacBook Pro, the input/output (I/O) choices encompass Thunderbolt ports, which are versatile ports capable of supporting high-speed data transfer, charging, and linking to external displays and devices.

BUT! Here’s where Brand Loyalty really kicks in.

The loyal ‘Applers’ aren’t going to rethink purchasing the new MacBook Pro. Maybe it’s a great option for professional users in need of a powerful machine to handle their creativity, such as video editing, large designing software applications, and much more.

Gaming Fellows, this one’s for you.

Not to forget that the gaming community will enjoy gaming on the new MacBook laptop even though it’s not a dedicated gaming laptop, and some games may not run and be optimized on the M3 chip and might be quite hot for long periods of time.

The device boasts a thinner profile, but a pile of 100 dollars does not get any thinner. Apple never fails to surprise its fans and the broader devices market with its innovative, added spicy offerings, with increased prices. But does this increase match the new offerings of the new MacBook Pro?

Let’s wait and see Apple’s loyal customers’ feedback. 

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