Top 5 NFT Projects to Follow in 2022  

Top 5 NFT Projects to Follow in 2022  

It can be rather difficult to find upcoming non-fungible tokens(NFT) projects before the mint is done, which could be in a matter of seconds if your internet or fingers are not the fastest. It would be ideal for most people to catch the mint, buy the NFT at the lowest price, sell it for whatever it’s worth later, or hang onto it if you believe in the project. But that’s a scenario that most have not lived.  

Here are five promising projects in 2022 that you should get even though the mint might be over.  

All these projects have great art, a huge, dedicated community, and a massive social media presence, all good signs of a rising project to follow or join if you can get your hands on one of their NFTs at the marketplace.  

If you were to buy any of these projects from the marketplace at a higher price than the mint, it might still be a good venture, as these projects have already shown great dedication to their project.  


A collection of 10,000 NFTs composed of hundreds of unique hand-drawn traits made by Burnt Toast. The traits include diverse themes from cats, aliens, skeletons, apes, and more, alongside dozens of rare costumes, colors, and heads.  

Doodles’ derivative utility is the community’s ability to vote on what happens next down the line and what projects it will tackle. That can be an exciting proposition and an exceptional community to be a part of.   

The project also has a community bank called “Doodlebank,” a community governed bank used to fund new experiences.  


Another project with a phenomenal art style.   

The creators of Azuki dub themselves the skater of the internet, “skating between the blurred lines of the physical and digital worlds as they are beginning to blend.”   

Azuki is a collection of 10,000 NFT art pieces that give holders access to “The Garden,” where the blurring between the real world and the digital one is done. With their collaborations with streetwear, NFT drops, and live events.  

Cryptoon Goonz 

A 6969 generative rubber hose style reminiscent of the old Micky Mouse art but dressed in a variety of hip-hop and pop-culture-inspired streetwear kitted out with some nifty accessories. Cryptoon Goonz has a solid Discord community of more than 10,000 passionate participants.  

It is worth a follow just for the passion behind it and the dedication of the community, not to mention the crisp art.   

Crypto Baristas   

Here a project is a collection of 60 barista characters whose ownership will help realize the world’s first NFT funded café, promising to “open a physical space in NYC where art and innovation are at the forefront.”  

The project’s three pillars are that of community, governance, and ownership by giving holders control over the “Barista Bank,” 15 percent of which’s revenues will go to further developing the NYC coffee shop. 

Invisible Friends  

Invisible Friends is a unique animated NFT project made by animator Markus Magnusson. A collection of 5,000 invisible walking characters, each decked out in unique attire. The mint is done, but it is worth looking through the marketplace, as Magnusson launched a great-looking merch collection.  

It is a worthwhile project to follow with a loyal following of 250,000+ discord members and around 370,000 Twitter followers.