Top 6 Best Foldable Bluetooth Keyboards

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboards

Any remote worker or digital nomad that moves around a lot and works on multiple screens will need a keyboard to fit their lifestyle. A compact, versatile, elegant and sturdy foldable Bluetooth keyboard is every digital nomad’s best friend when it comes to that.

Here are out top picks for the best foldable keyboards on the market.

obVus Foldable Keyboard

When fully folded, this wireless foldable keyboard from obVus Solutions measures 14 inches by five inches and measures just seven inches by five inches. The combination of its small dimension and the light weight of 9.9 ounces gives you unmatched mobility.

Capacitive keystrokes have been added to this choice’s keyboard to make typing more seamless and comfortable. In the event that you forget your mouse, there is also a touchpad on the right. Customers particularly value this product’s lengthy battery life. In fact, the obVus Solutions Foldable Keyboard took the top rank on this list because of its exceptional battery life.

Samsers Foldable Keyboard

Just 5.5 ounces make up the Samsers Foldable Keyboard’s weight. Additionally, this big guy will only occupy 5.7′′ x 3.9′′ of your storage space when folded. That can fit in your back pocket, it’s that tiny!

In about two to three hours, this foldable wireless keyboard will be fully charged. This pick can store the juice for a complete 180 days of standby time or for 40 hours of continuous use after it has been charged. The Bluetooth capacitors are also pretty decent, so you can expect a sustained connection within 10 meters of your device.

iClever Foldable Keyboard

This wireless folding keyboard from iClever features a tri-fold fold design, much like our top selection. This implies that simply flipping at two locations, you may reduce the length of its 10.94′′ x 3.58′′ body in half.

Multi-device connection is another area where the top selection and other products overlap. This attachment supports simultaneous connections to three different devices. To flip between them, just hit the function key. With this option, the battery life is 60 hours of usage and 90 days of standby.

Plugable Foldable Keyboard

The scissor keys on the Plugable Foldable Keyboard are available. This indicates that an X-shaped hinge is used to lock the keys into place. This hinge acts like a scissor by closing when you touch on it. The clicking sound and travel times between the keys are both decreased by this fast action. This alternative is universally compatible and features a two-point folding mechanism for its 11.5-inch body. Customers particularly like how enduring and simple to repair the metal shell body of this keyboard is.

MoKo Foldable Keyboard

This MoKo folding keyboard is unique in that it does not unfold into the common keyboard that we have all grown accustomed to. Instead, it’s an attachment that shatters your keyboard in two at 166 degrees. As a result, you will have both hands at a small angle on either side. Although it may seem strange, MoKo asserts that it encourages a more natural typing stance. Your hands and fingers then experience pressure relief as a result. Really great, in our opinion. Another feature of this collapsible keyboard is a magnetic switch. This implies that to switch it on or off, you only need to fold it or unfold it. You can operate continuously for 40 hours and have 30 days of standby time with just a few hours of charging.

EC Technolgy

The finest portable keyboard designed specifically for tablets and iPads is the folding Bluetooth keyboard from Ec Technology. Along with a folding keyboard, it also features a touchpad. But that’s not all; the design also includes a tablet stand, and it all collapses into a little package.

The touchpad contains two physical buttons at the bottom and a total of 6 touch gestures. The three-channel Bluetooth connection of this keyboard is one of its many distinctive characteristics. It makes it possible for it to connect to three devices at once. Switching between devices is made easier by the three buttons at the top.

What to Look for in a Good Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

While looking at reviews and customer testimonials for the best foldable Bluetooth keyboards, keep an eye out for these factors.


Perhaps the most important aspect you must consider before making a keyboard purchase is its size. What you should be looking for is a peripheral that is big enough for your hands, yet small enough to be travel-friendly and easily storable in a bag.


The battery life of your new foldable gadget is an essential aspect to consider. Since you’ll be connecting it to your device wirelessly, you’ll have to charge it up. Take a look at the length of these charge times and how long each charge lasts. Also take a look at whether the keyboard has batter saving options or an automatic sleep mode in case you leave it on.

Key Layout

You must also think about the layout of your new portable keyboard. It can be a real hassle trying to get accustomed to a new key layout. And, then regularly switching between your regular keyboard with its regular layout and your new foldable keyboard’s layout would become nothing short of a nightmare. So, the best way forward is to go for a portable keyboard with a familiar key layout.

Does It Have a Touchpad

You must also consider whether you need a touchpad on your new device. While the touchpads on most portable options aren’t something to write home about, they do eliminate the need to carry a separate bluetooth mouse, which is a nice convenience.


A foldable keyboard has to constantly take physical stress throughout its lifetime. They are being folded and unfolded and tossed around in the backpacks all the time. A quality build material ensures that the keyboards last for a long time. Most of the keyboards are made of aluminum which gives them good protection from falls and drops, while others are made of a soft rubbery substance encasing the button triggers.

Closing Thoughts

Foldable keyboards are pretty cheap overall, with most falling somewhere between $25 to $50. Nevertheless its good to know what you are buying and make a purchase aligning with your purposes.

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