Our Pick of Top Cities for Digital Nomads

Top Cities for Digital Nomads

Travel lovers, adventures seekers, this one is for you. The digital era is furbishing a whole new way of conducting work, with the fitting means to support how you make money, from the comfort of your own space, no matter where you are in the world. The tectonic shift, mainly driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, birthed a new class of employees, and with it came the rise of the digital nomads. With the population increase of the digital nomads, various cities are opening their doors to embrace the remote working lifestyle. So, here are some of the top cities for digital nomads.

1. Porto – Portugal

With its colorful esthetic allure, Porto is one of the best places for digital nomads. Despite not being in the Mediterranean, Portugal is blessed with its Mediterranean weather, making it one of the top digital nomad destinations.

Being an online worker, using different digital ways to conduct business and earn a living can be quite rigid. It could – let’s say it as it is – take the life out of you if you are not surrounded by the right environment and surrounding the balance things for you. Porto’s digital nomad experience is tailored to do the exact opposite.

The historical and cultural aspect of the city is vivid, with mesmerizing scenery, providing the needed environment just to leave the house, take your laptop, work in any eatery, and get that creative and productive flow going.

With a relatively affordable living cost – around $2,000 per month – and fast internet, Porto is rapidly growing, extending its welcome towards digital nomads.

2. Buenos Aires – Argentina

The Latin aroma, low living cost, and rich culture are exactly why Buenos Aires is considered one of the best digital nomads destinations.

The city has established itself as one of the top cities to embrace remote working, instituting the appropriate framework through its co-working philosophy as it opened its doors for expats to relish in its enticing local urbanity.

While the city is quite tempting and enticing for a nomad, they still have to go through an administrative route to extend their visit as a remote worker. If they want to extend their visit – after the 90 days visa expires – they have to leap into neighboring countries to get a brand-new entry stamp or, alternatively, apply for a visa extension.

The living cost in this electrifying city puts it on the list of the cheapest cities for digital nomads, with a cost of approximately $900 per month, but with one downfall, safety. Beware of the pick-pocketers, always be prepared before you leave the house, and take the necessary steps to secure your belongings to avoid any unwanted incidents.

3. Nantes – France

Confined within the borders of culture and heritage, France is adored by many. So, it is no surprise that Nantes would make it to this list of digital nomad cities, mostly due to its mesmerizing and enchanting destination placing it on every nomad’s must-visit list.

Deemed France’s jeune and tech-driven capital, Nantes comes with its own charm for digital nomads seeking out the culturally infused French experience while conducting their work.

While it might be a bit pricy, with a monthly cost of almost $2,800, to some nomads, this is not a deal-breaker – when compared to some of the best European cities for digital nomads. But just a heads up, il faut parler français. If you didn’t understand this line, then maybe Nantes is not the right choice for you unless you’re willing to learn the language

4. Tbilisi – Georgia

Bordered by Russia, Turkey, and Armenia and located on the coast of the Black Sea, Tbilisi is enriched by three things, food, infrastructure, and architecture. Factors that help in adding it to our list of the best places for digital nomads.

Its breathtaking mountains merged with enriched history and being the homeland of Stalin, Tbilisi has everything an outdoorsy digital nomad seeks. The city has the needed infrastructure remote workers with its modernized western ideas, merging the old with the new as it is currently investing its all in the future generation as they can always discover something new.

Tbilisi accommodates its needs to that of its people, making it one of the best as it delivers a wide range of places to work from remotely. It provides more than 15 co-working spaces in a variety of cafes and chill-vibe bars to pick and choose from.

The city is considered relatively a low-budget one, with a monthly cost of almost $1,300, and is quite safe, so you don’t have to worry about your well-being while walking in its streets.


Embracing new adventures and experiences is never an easy step, but as humans, we always seek connected encounters, no matter where we are. The need to discover new things is embedded in our nature, and the new wave of technological advancement delivered the right means to indulge in such connections but also somehow disconnected us. Cities opening their doors for digital nomads increased enjoyment in work as they deliver the right infusion of business, pleasure, and culture.

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