Twitch Develops a New Program to Reliably Pay Streamers

Twitch is set to roll out a new proposal that could improve erroneous income, which is considered one of the most substantial issues related to content creation.  

As such, the Ad Incentive Program, or AIP, is a new Twitch program that will pay selected streamers a guaranteed monthly minimum amount of ad revenue.  

Income irregularity is one of the most consequential issues for content creators. At the same time, revenue from donations and subscriptions can wildly vary from month to month, creating an unstable environment for individuals depending on that income.  

According to Twitch, “having a reliable floor of ad revenue should enable you to better plan for the future, whatever that may look like. We hope it’s an important step towards empowering creators.”  

Twitch said in the announcement that the amounts offered will vary based on the creator and that there will be no cap on potential earned income. Creators will be able to receive additional revenue at their standard rate for streaming beyond the required minimum number of hours.  

If an originator chooses to leave the program, the company elaborated that they could receive a prorated payment based on the number of hours streamed on its platform.  

All qualified affiliate or partner streamers will get some kind of notification from Twitch which offers them different payouts based on the number of ads running per hour and total hours streamed.  

In an example broadcasted by Twitch, if a creator streamed for at least a minimum of 40 hours a month, they could get $100 for running two minutes of ads per hour, $300 for three minutes, or $500 for four minutes, according to advertising trade publication, Ad Week.  

The platform also mentioned that the amounts offered will differ by the creator, and there will be no cap on potential earned income.  

Content originators can get more revenue at their standard rate for streaming beyond the needed minimum number of hours.  

Aside from tiered incentives, the AIP also comes with an ad management feature that controls when advertisements are played during a stream, alleviating the burden of timing ads breaks.