Twitter Lets You Tip Creators with Ethereum

Twitter expanded its tipping options to let creators add their Ethereum address, not limiting its crypto fans to tipping with Bitcoin that was launched last September.  

As such, Twitter’s “tip jar” feature, which makes it possible for users to earn money from their followers, was initially introduced in early May.           

The users of Twitter Blue, the website’s premium service, were allowed to display their precious non-fungible tokens as profile pictures in late January. As reported by local media, adult-oriented content subscription platform OnlyFans followed Twitter’s suit earlier this week, allowing creators to show off their NFTs.     

However, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, known as one of the most influential Bitcoin advocates, has publicly opposed supporting Ethereum, frequently picking fights with its community.  

As reported by U.S. Today, the billionaire handed the reins to ex-CTO Parag Agrawal in late November, who appears to be more open-minded about alternative cryptocurrencies than his predecessor.    

Supporting Ethereum can be helpful if people aren’t enthusiastic about Bitcoin as former Twitter chief Jack Dorsey; however, some ways show that the payment service support is more beneficial.  

Barter, Paga, and Paytm are helpful in India, Nigeria, and other countries where mobile payments flourish. Twitter’s move not only lets more people tip but makes it more practical for digital creators to operate in certain countries — they’ll know their audiences can contribute.  

Other available Twitter payment platforms and services included Venmo, Wealthsimple Cash, Razorpay, Patreon, GoFundMe, Cash App, and Bandcamp.  

Moreover, social media’s goal is for its creators and journalists to receive rewards for Twitter content while also making it easier for content providers to work in any location by expanding the tipping options.  

It is worth mentioning that users can go to the tip icon on a Twitter profile to send tips, and the expansion of options should make it even easier for Tippers.