UAE’s green data center for University of Birmingham Dubai

Scholars and Academics at Dubai’s University of Birmingham are set to revel in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) most advanced and innovated on-site data center with elevated performance signifying the University’s pursuits of creating a green, energy-efficient on-campus ecosystem.

With a direct connection to the University of Birmingham’s UK campus, the site will provide fast data exchange between both campuses with the help of French company Schneider Electric to provide the highest ranks of energy efficiency. The data center will incorporate remote management and performance benchmarking which will compete with a multitude of data centers around the world.

While everyone is familiar with UAE’s goal towards digital transformation, its reputation of innovative technology spearheads any futuristic project Dubai might have.

The green data center will deliver energy savings reaching 15 percent as it will operate at the highest rank of performance with its Schneider Electric’s build and CDW system integrator implementation.

Dubai’s University of Birmingham’s recently emerged facilities will be labeled Smart Campus, incorporating modern, comprehensive, versatile teaching, and learning experiences.

One significant aspect that will stand out in the University’s green data center is the sixth generation of wireless connectivity. It will be one of the most anticipated features of the center, as it will set a strong foundation for intertwined learning and research efforts between both UAE and UK campuses.

Global specialist in energy, Schneider Electric ‘s technology will uphold both hardware and software capabilities, alongside Easy Metered Power Distribution Units to deliver an elaborate real-time remote monitoring of power usage, in addition to power management for connected loads.

Power management is a computing device feature that provides users with control over the mass of electrical power consumed by an indispensable device without affecting its performance.

Also, Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure IT software will implement a legion of features to augment the data center’s operations, during which its supervising team will have full access to assess, manage, and heighten energy usage covering all servers, colling and electrical equipment. This can occur either on-site or remotely.

Furthermore, an in-built cybersecurity system will minimize the threats of security breaches by managing vulnerability evaluation on all devices implemented in the campus’ green data center.

“Our new building has been designed as a ‘Smart Campus’ – embedded with flexible, cutting-edge technology allowing innovative, multidisciplinary teaching and learning. We aim to deliver a flexible and powerful teaching environment in Dubai that students and staff will enjoy,” Provost at the University of Birmingham Dubai, Professor David Sadler said in a statement.

The UAE’s primal force, specifically in Dubai, leans on striving to push all boundaries by providing its students and educators with an unmatchable ingenious educational experience. With its green data center, Dubai will enclose and represent its goal of becoming the world’s leading powerhouse by supporting a tech-smart and energy-efficient campus, setting the stage for high performance, condensed efficiency, and digital sustainability.