Your Essentiel Guide to Windows 11 22h2

Windows 11 22h2

Microsoft released Windows 11, their latest operating system (OS), a year ago. In September 2022, however, they introduced a new free update, Windows 11 22h2. This update constitutes the first significant update of the new generation of Windows. It introduced a new set of features, enhancing security, productivity, and overall user experience.

The new update is available for devices already running the previous version of the OS and those compatible running windows ten if these devices have a smooth upgrade experience. In addition, the team estimates that the new version will be fully available by mid-2023 as the update expands based on hardware eligibility, reliability metrics, and many other factors.

How to Install Windows 11 22h2

First, check if your device is ready for Windows 11.

There are four methods for installing the windows 11 22h2 update:

  1. Downloading the new version manually through Windows Update
  2. Forcing the upgrade through the “Check for updates” button followed by the “Download” and “Install” buttons
  3. Installing the Windows 11 update through a USB installation media or ISO file to perform an in-place upgrade (a.k.a clean installation)
  4. Use the Installation Assistant

The New Features of Windows 11 22h2

Microsoft improved overall performance and reliability while combining all the features and fixes in previous updates to Windows 11. Windows 11 22h2 brings a slew of new features, from a redesigned Start menu to live captions.

  • Microsoft Pluton: You can enable Microsoft Pluton on devices with Pluton Capable Processors running Windows 11 22h2. This is a chip-to-cloud security technology with Zero Trust principles at its core. It mainly provides a hardware-based root of trust, secure identity, secure attestation, and cryptographic services.
  • Phishing Protection: phishing is an engineering attack that steals user data (i.e., login credentials, etc.). This feature of windows 11 22h2 in Microsoft Defender SmartScreen aims to protect school or work passwords. It works alongside Windows security protections.
  • Smart App Control: This update aspect blocks malicious or untrusted apps.
  • Credential Guard: This feature will be enabled by default in Windows 11 22h2. It isolates users’ login information from the rest of the OS to prevent personal information theft.
  • Malicious and Vulnerable Driver Blocking: This feature’s task is to block any nasty or vulnerable driver from accessing your device. It will automatically engage if the Smart App Control is on and for clean Windows installs.
  • Security Hardening and Threat Protection: This pertains to protection against code injection, consequently, compromising credentials.
  • Personal Data Encryption (PDE): This Windows 11 22h2 security feature provides additional encryption to individual files. Through Windows Hello for Business, PDE links data encryption to user credentials.
  • WebAuthn APIs support Elliptic-curve cryptography (ECC): WebAuthn APIs for Windows 11 now supports ECC.

But That’s Not All

  • Stickers for Windows 11 SE, version 22H2: The Stickers feature allows users to decorate their desktops with digital stickers. They can choose from a pool of over 500 stickers. The digital decorations are static despite a changing background.
  • Education themes: These themes are targeted toward users in a school setting. This allows the student to give a personal feel to their devices.
  • Windows Update notifications: There are two facets to this update. Users can now block Windows Updates notifications during active hours. Furthermore, the message will display the organization’s name if Windows clients are associated with an Azure Active Directory tenant.
  • Start menu layout: Windows 11 22h2 has a refurbished Start menu layout. You can customize it, hide apps, and disable context menus.
  • Improvements to task manager: Task manager got a slew of modifications: a new command bar, automatic matching with the theme set in Windows Settings, new efficiency mode, and updated user experience.
  • Windows accessibility: the improvements make the experience user-friendly for disabled people. Windows 11 22h2 introduced live captions, Focus sessions, voice access, and a more comprehensive selection of natural voices for the Narrator (a screen reader).

Fixed Features of Windows 11 22h2

Fixes for a few issues followed Windows 11 22h2 release.

  • Out-of-sync Audio: The audio is out of sync when capturing gameplay via Xbox Game Bar. The developers addressed this KB5018496.
  • Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) handshake failure: some connections might display handshake failure. KB5018496 addresses this issue as well.
  • Jordanian Daylight Savings Time (DST) change issues: October 5th marked the day the Jordanian government ended winter-time DST time zone change. Subsequently, the OS displays the wrong time. Furthermore, apps that requiring date and time for integral functions malfunction. KB5018496 solved this.  
  • Failure to sign in using Windows Hello after the upgrade: This was patched in KB5017389.
  • Failure to copy files or create shortcuts using Group Policy Preferences: File copies using Group Policy Preferences would fail or create empty shortcuts. The team addressed this in KB5018427.

Broken Features of Windows 11 22h2

  • Failure of Domain join processes: These operations might intentionally fail with an error “0xaac (2732).” It would show a text stating that an account with the same name already exists.
  • Failure to modify the settings in some installed printers: This issue is due to a lack of connectivity. A resolution might be released in mid-November.
  • Failure to install the update: they are currently investigating this issue. The OS is failing to install the update.
  • Provisioning packages’ failure to work: This is possibly due to a partial configuration of Windows. The issue is currently under investigation.
  • Compatibility issues with Intel Smart Sound Technology drivers and Windows 11: The update has shown some compatibility issues regarding specific versions of Intel Smart Sound Technology drivers and Windows 11. The solution for this one is external, as you’ll have to request an updated driver from the manufacturer.


Microsoft Windows 11 22h2 is the most significant update to an OS to date. It refurbished the design and displays of several elements of the system. It also fixed several issues, including the removal of Jordanian DST. Moreover, it demonstrated a couple of problems that are currently under investigation, provided with a temporary fix, or mitigated externally. Microsoft Windows almost has a monopoly on operating systems, unlike Apple’s macOS, which is exclusive to Apple Inc.  

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