66 Zeta Bites of Information to be generated by 2025, Toshiba predicts

During GITEX 2021, Toshiba showcased its data storage solutions for interested parties participating in the event.

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) were Toshiba’s leading regions to grow in various fields, particularly in cybersecurity storage regarding surveillance and gaming storage.

Inside Telecom conducted a brief interview with Bastian James, Regional Manager-Products Storage:

1. Can you tell us about the effect of Toshiba’s technologies on a global scale?

Toshiba is a 150-year-old company that has a vineyard in many segments, and storage is one of its innovations. When we talk about storage, we mean conventional hard drive storage and nimbus storage which was reinvented and sold as “Kiotsia”, a new entity.

When we talk about technology as conventional storage, our capacity has gone up to 18 terabytes on near-line storage. The product is meant for Business to Business (B2B) when talking about a large volume of digital storage.

When talking about the data boom, it is predicted that 66 zettabytes of information will be generated by 2025, and lots of storage are needed.

2. How does Toshiba protect that large amount of data in addition to securing consumers’ data from hackers?

We are a storage manufacturing company, and we rely on the data storage up to the data storage. The protection and what comes with it are beyond our responsibility and need to be taken care of by a Chief Information Officer (CIO) or IT managers, or specific individuals required to care of firewalls, and so on.

However, what we are trying to say is our nearline products are for five years warranty, and regular consumer products have three years warranty. Robust product is what we are trying to offer here, which can run for 24/7, 365 days, in addition to having a total cost of ownership kind of a thing to the consumer, by having a three-to-five-year warranty which can be reliable.