AdvaMed Medtech Conference 2022: Here’s What You Need to Know

AdvaMed MedTech Conference

The Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) is an American medical device trade association. Based in Washington, D.C, it is the world’s largest technology association, including device, diagnostics, and digital technology manufacturers. The AdvaMed MedTech Conference 2022 was one of their most anticipated events this year. From top executives to innovators, the attendees team up to explore critical topics and share visions for the future. Additionally, the conference was held at Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from October 23rd to October 26th,2022.

Quick Rundown of the AdvaMed Medtech Conference 2022

The planners meticulously planned the AdvaMed MedTech Conference 2022 to include over 100 sessions. The event had five different aspects:

1.   Program

The itinerary for the medical technology conference included more than 100 sessions highlighting different perspectives on various topics (i.e., how physicians view value-based care or how scientists are thinking about other applications for AI). Panel sessions (covering multiple subjects, including MDR/IVDR, Breakthrough designation, critical supply chain issues, and more), Plenary sessions (featuring extraordinary speakers), and the online community and partnering system were vital parts of the event.

2.   Partnering

Through the conference, attendees shared game-changing ideas, engaged with CEOs working on improving the healthcare sector through technology, and connected with those with similar interests.

3.   MedTech Innovator Showcase

This aspect of the medical technology conference revolved around the top 50 early- and mid-stage companies from the MedTech Innovator competition, showcasing how they managed to make their ideas and desires concrete.

4.   Networking

The breaks between sessions allowed the attendees to intermingle with distinguished professionals from the field, for example, investors, policymakers, and academics, to name a few.

5.   Exhibit hall

The Exhibit Hall was filled with over 200 companies facilitating new partnerships, business conduction, and source solutions.

Itinerary Brief

Sunday, October 23rd

  • Special Programming: U.S. Market Access Seminar
  • Special Programming: Sheikh Zayed Pediatric Innovation Symposium
  • Networking: International Reception
  • Networking: Women’s Executive Network Program and Networking Event in Collaboration with MedTech Color

Monday, October 24th

  • AdvaMed Accel Leadership Seminar: AdvaMed Accel Leadership Seminar Breakfast
  • Accel Leadership Seminar: AdvaMed Accel Leadership
  • Panel Session: Integrating Health Equity into Your Business Strategy
  • Panel Session: Commercial Effectiveness: How to Leverage Data to Transform Your Medtech Model in the Digital World
  • Super Session: Global Regulatory Convergence Roundup: 2022 and Beyond
  • Panel Session: Patient Preferences in Payer Coverage Decisions or Value Assessments
  • General Schedule Item: Exhibit Hall Open
  • Patient Story: Olympus
  • Networking: One-on-One Partnering Meetings
  • CEOs Unplugged: Why Patients Matter
  • Solutions Showcase: Solutions Showcase Presentations
  • Panel Session: LATAM Health Care Compliance and Business Integrity Outlook
  • Patient Story: Abbott
  • Super Session: Sustainability in Medtech: Now is the Time to Act
  • Panel Session: The Medtech Digital Robotics Frontier: Navigating Regulatory and Business Considerations in Surgical Robotics Innovation
  • CEOs Unplugged: Meeting the Multiple Challenges of Ensuring a Resilient Health Care Supply Chain
  • Solutions Showcase: Solutions Showcase Presentations
  • Patient Story: Stryker
  • Panel Session: Evolution of Strategic Partnerships: Traditional and Novel Models of Investment to Support Innovation in Medtech
  • Panel Session: Artificial Intelligence in Medical Devices: Post-Pandemic Implications
  • Super Session: Partnering to Improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Clinical Evidence
  • Panel Session: Recent Enforcement Trends and Key Compliance Concerns to Consider in Preparing for an Investment, Offering, or Acquisition
  • Panel Session: Inter-American Regulatory Convergence Panel: The Role of Medtech Regulatory Authorities in the Americas on COVID-19 Response and Recovery and the Paradigm Moving Forward
  • Patient Story: Abiomed
  • Patient Story: BD
  • Corporate Reverse Pitch Presentations: Corporate Reverse Pitch Presentations
  • Patient Story: Johnson & Johnson
  • Global Medtech Marketplace: Global Medtech Marketplace
  • CEOs Unplugged: Challenge Accepted: Future Proofing Your Commercial Strategy
  • Panel Session: Digital Health & AI: Navigating the Evolving Health Care Innovation Landscape to Increase Access and Improve Health Outcomes
  • Panel Session: Building a Resilient Supply Chain Room
  • Super Session: MDR/IVDR Implementation — Does the Song Remain the Same?
  • Panel Session: Understanding FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Transition Plan
  • CEOs Unplugged: How Medtech CEOs are Leveraging Data to Fuel their Goals
  • Innovation Pavilion: Care of the Future: Smarter, Less Invasive, and More Personalized
  • Networking: AdvaMed PRIDE Leadership Network Reception

Tuesday, October 25th

  • Corporate Reverse: Pitch Presentations Corporate Reverse Pitch Presentations
  • CEOs Unplugged: M&A in Medtech: Market Outlook
  • Panel Session: Jumpstarting a Diagnostic Test Launch via Innovative Pilots with Forward-Thinking Payers and Providers
  • Panel Session: Embracing the Revolution: Regulatory and Technology Challenges and Opportunities Presented by 3D Printing for Medical Devices
  • Super Session: Making the Invisible, Visible: Using Wearable Devices to Deliver a Differentiated Disease Management Experience
  • Panel Session: Market Access for Medical Devices in Europe – Situation Update and Upcoming Developments
  • MedTech Innovator Showcase: MedTech Innovator Showcase
  • Networking: One-on-One Partnering Meetings
  • CEOs Unplugged: Tales from the Road on Fundraising
  • Innovation Pavilion: Healing with Digital
  • CEOs Unplugged: Top Trends Shaping the Medtech Industry
  • Panel Session: Alternative Funding Models for High-Growth Medtech Companies
  • Super Session: CMS Town Hall
  • Panel Session: Key Success Factors in China: National Policy and Regulatory Perspectives
  • Panel Session: The Post-Pandemic Future of Diagnostics
  • Innovation Pavilion: NIH SEED Office Company Presentations
  • CEOs Unplugged: Improving Care through Ecosystems
  • Patient Story: Smith & Nephew
  • Innovation Pavilion: NIH SEED Office Company Presentations
  • Super Session: EY Pulse of the Industry
  • Panel Session: Advancing Innovation in a Convergent, Connected, and Value-Driven World
  • Panel Session: Market Access in China: Challenges and Opportunities
  • CEOs Unplugged: Lessons Learned During The Career of 2022 Lifetime Award Recipient – Lester B. Knight
  • Panel Session: Chief Compliance Officer Lightning Round: Top Developments for Medtech Business Leaders in 2022
  • CEOs Unplugged: Leadership in Times of Change
  • Innovation Pavilion: Advancing Care Equity and Access
  • Panel Session: The EU Collective Redress Directive: Collective Consumer Lawsuits Coming to the EU
  • Panel Session: Getting Serious About Women’s Health in Medtech
  • Panel Session: The Medtech Industry Facing the Challenges and Opportunities of Longevity and Moving Care to the Home and Community – Could Reablement Through Digital Technologies Be Key for Canada and the U.S.?
  • Plenary Session: MedTech Innovator Finals

Wednesday, October 26th

  • CEOs Unplugged: Value of Innovation
  • Innovation Pavilion: Investment & Reward: How Startups Can Win Funding
  • Panel Session: Diagnostics Reform at a Crossroads: Navigating Through a Pivotal Time
  • Panel Session: Digital Health and the Future of MedTech
  • MedTech Innovator Showcase
  • Super Session: Cybersecurity: Shared Responsibility & Risk Management
  • Panel Session: Increasing RWE Utilization in Technology Adoption and Coverage Decisions – Opportunities and Challenges
  • Patient Story: Edwards Lifesciences
  • Innovation Pavilion: US Federal Government Funding and Resources for MedTech R&D
  • Panel Session: This Is Not Your Grandmother’s Medical Device: What Happens When Medical Device Software, Data, and Connectivity Spurs New Medtech Business and Regulatory Strategies?
  • Panel Session: Utilizing Data Analytics to Adhere to DOJ Guidance on Corporate Compliance Programs
  • Patient Story: Zimmer Biomet
  • Super Session: Medtech M&A 2022: How Leading Companies are Developing Winning Strategies for a Post-COVID World
  • CEOs Unplugged: Beyond Digital in Medtech – Innovative Models for Winning in a Tech-Driven World
  • Patient Story: Haemonetics
  • Plenary Session: Plenary Luncheon
  • Super Session: CDRH Town Hall

Why Attend the AdvaMed MedTech Conference 2022?

The AdvaMed MedTech Conference 2022 was a huge event that attracted professionals worldwide. The MedTech space is ever-growing, so new players enter the playing fields regularly.

Attending these conferences would develop relationships with new prospects and meet with future MedTech leaders. The attendees discover new technologies. Moreover, individuals would reconnect with existing clients in person and achieve dealmaking and financing goals.

In addition, the exhibit allows the attendees to get the pulse on the latest innovations in multiple industries. It also helps with generating new ideas for the coming year.

This conference would help develop an integrated wealth strategy plan that includes a long-term investing plan. It also provides the latest news in the field.

Final Thoughts

The AdvaMed MedTech Conference 2022 was a massive event with an incredible turnout. The event spanned four days. It included over 100 sessions and seminars covering many topics, from the lack of representation of marginalized and minority groups to improving care through ecosystems. Furthermore, the event is a prime occasion to reconnect with existing clients and make new connections with some of the biggest names across the industry. Finally, we recommend that investment bankers, analysts, venture capital, family offices, institutional and angel investors, and private equity attend the AdvaMed MedTech Conferences.

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