Apple Says More Suppliers Committing to Renewable Energy

 Apple Inc on Wednesday said that more of its supply chain is committing to use renewable energy in producing the company’s iPhones, Macs and other products.

Apple said suppliers are supporting 13 gigawatts of active renewable energy projects, up from 10 gigawatts last year. Apple suppliers have made commitments to support an eventual total of 20 gigawatts of projects, up from a total of 16 gigawatts a year before, the company said.

Apple says its own operations have been carbon-neutral since 2020, but the company has been working to extend that promise to its entire global supply chain by 2030. Some of Apple’s biggest suppliers such as Foxconn have been part of its clean energy program since 2019.

Apple on Wednesday said that 250 of its suppliers have pledged to use renewable energy for Apple production, up from 213 suppliers the year before. The 250 suppliers represent about 85% of Apple’s direct manufacturing spending, the company said.

In China, 70 suppliers have made clean energy pledges for Apple production, up from 55 last year, the company said.


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