When Threads first launched, it lacked many of the features that users would expect from a service similar to Twitter’s (now X’s). However, in recent months, it has been adding more and more new features to provide users with a more diversified experience, such as polls, an easy way to post GIFs, and the ability […]

WhatsApp has added a major feature to its most recent Windows beta version that enables users to start conversations with unknown contacts without adding their phone numbers to their address book. This move is intended to improve user convenience and privacy when messaging. The chat app is reportedly testing this feature on Windows with a […]

In the previous article. In a seismically changing landscape, and in order to maintain their relevance within an ever-evolving financial ecosystem, banks have been compelled to ride the wind of change. They have come to acknowledge the emergence of Fintech and other financial services vendors as pivotal players in the customer’s banking journey. Simultaneously, they have […]

X, formerly known as Twitter, is to collect users’ biometric data which includes education and job history. In its quest to become the ‘everything’ app, moving in on LinkedIn’s turf is the first step. And it’sgoing to make it so much more than just a first contact point between prospect and employer. Both parties will […]

On 27th April 1994, South Africa bathed in the soft glow of the world community’s smiles. For this was the day when people of all races went to the polls for the first time in the country’s history. The queues to the actual polling stations were often kilometres long. Images of these have since became […]

 Apple Inc on Wednesday said that more of its supply chain is committing to use renewable energy in producing the company’s iPhones, Macs and other products. Apple said suppliers are supporting 13 gigawatts of active renewable energy projects, up from 10 gigawatts last year. Apple suppliers have made commitments to support an eventual total of […]