Brazil Certifies Seaborn Networks as RCB Provider

São Paulo, Sao Paulo / Brazil - May 22 2019: Aerial view of Avenida Paulista (Paulista avenue) in Sao Paulo city, Brazil

In an announcement, Submarine fibre optic cable systems operator Seabras 1 Brasil (Seaborn) said its network has been approved to provide connectivity to the Brazilain Stock Exchange (B3, enhancing the financial services market in Brazil.

Alexandre Jahnecke, IT Products, and Market Data Superintendent at B3 said”The combination of our capital markets services with those of Seaborn, now an RCB provider certified by B3, will leverage our plans to achieve the best possible quality in the delivery of critical connectivity services to trading and post-trade platforms for our customers.”

In addition, Seaborn said in a statement that it will provide connectivity through the stock exchange’s high-performance RCB communications network, which allows distributors to have direct access to trading, market data and bank systems.

The company noted the connection to Seaborn’s optical network, which has high reliability and availability, will provide financial market customers with an excellent alternative to use the RCB network.

“Our network infrastructure combined with our agility in activating the RCB connectivity services and our ultra-low latency products, specific to the financial market that connects São Paulo to New York, is an important differentiator for participants who intend to establish connectivity with B3”, added Michel Marcelino, Senior Vice President and Head of Seaborn for Latin America.