ChatGPT Exposing Residual Workplace Sexism

In a UK survey conducted earlier this year, it was concluded that of the tens of millions of people using ChatGPT, 54% are male and 34%, female.

There were a number of reasons given for this imbalance. Firstly, there seems to be a greater degree of mistrust in the generative AI app when it came to research. On a number of occasions, it offered up information that was patently wrong. Whilst that’s not a sexism issue, the fact that the information on the app was wrong seemed to impact more on women than men.

Another reason provided was the STEM fields of education, namely science, technology, engineering and mathematics have been dominated by men. Only 24% of the STEM-related workforce in Britain are women. This is a figure that common sense will tell you is about to change; quite drastically, I would wager. The correlation here should be obvious. The majority of ChatGPT users are in careers related to STEM. The majority, not the vast majority.

But the surveyed reason that sticks out like a very sore thumb is the following.

Women are afraid that using ChatGPT may reinforce a stereotype that just won’t go away. Essentially, a woman’s lack of competence. Or failing that, a woman’s lack of having the mental qualifications to do the job. It doesn’t matter if you line up all the male workers in the world and have them all deny that sexism in the workplace is a thing anymore. If it’s still a fear in the minds of females, then it still exists. Proven now, in a society that’s pretty much the most advanced in the western world.

It’s the New Office Cliché

I haven’t plucked this stuff out of thin air. It’s real. Just like puerile sexism of the past, two men can snigger and wink when it’s revealed they’ve used ChatGPT. But, heaven forbid, if a woman admits to it, she’s incompetent.

If you see the byline and notice this has been written by a male, let me assure that my outrage has been triggered by being the father of two daughters. Meaning that nature has at last put back in me what society had once been determined to take away.

P.S. Please reassure me nothing I’ve written here is mansplaining.

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