Super Bowl LVIII’s Biggest Loser was Tesla

Last night, 120 million Americans were treated to a nail-biting win by the Kansas City Chiefs over the San Francisco 49er’s. It was a hell of a game which went into that rarest of moments at this annual affair; overtime. The final score was 25 – 22 That same audience was also treated to Usher […]

The Stink of Big Tobacco at Tech CEO Hearings

Live on CNN this weekend was the personification of everything wrong with social media. Mark Zuckerberg. On the twentieth anniversary of Facebook, the founder of Meta attempted to deride his own company’s research. But first he apologized to parents whose children have had mental health issues – some resulting in suicide – then insisted that […]

Is Cybersecurity a Low Priority in Lebanon?

Three hacking incidents in Lebanon this month have raised serious concerns about what sort of priority is being placed on the need for cybersecurity. On the 7th of January, video screens at Rafiki Hariri Airport replaced standard airport information with threats to Hezbollah. Two baggage carousels stopped working. And MEA (Middle East Airlines) passengers were […]

Is Unemployment’s Perfect Storm Approaching?

For about a year now, one of the most significant narratives in the developed world has been job losses due to the advance of AI. In every sector, AI is the heir presumptive to administration, management and research roles. This technology has even crept into the arts, confounding our notions of creativity with AI demonstrating […]