Keeping Up with the Consumer Electronics Show 2024

The Consumer Electronics Show 2024 is here and it’s looking cutting-edge already. It’s that time of the year again. The Consumer Electronics Show 2024 (CES 2024) is upon us and companies are gracing us with their latest innovations, thoughts, and feelings. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, allow me to introduce a […]

Five Times in 2023 The News Hit Us in The Heart

Don’t you find that sometimes, you don’t have to have any connection to events you read in the news to feel personally involved? We looked back on the last year’s stories to remind ourselves of those moments when the news stirred our hearts, evoked our anger, filled us with pride, darkened us with dread or […]

A Future for Our Planet. Requiem for Astronaut Mary Cleave

A woman 99.9% of us have never heard of, has just died. Yet what we owe her is incalculable. You see, NASA Shuttle Mission Specialist Mary Cleave didn’t use her time in orbit staring at the vast and hypnotic majesty of space. She focused her attention on the mess below her. Namely the human-triggered deterioration […]

When and Why Did Conservatism Become Extremism?

Social Media App Parler Returns Today’s announcement about the unshuttering of controversial conservative social media platform Parler has raised some fairly profound social questions. The first question being how on earth can you write ‘conservative’ immediately after ‘controversial’. The app, which was thrown out of Google and Apple Online stores, became a megaphone for everything […]

Don't Be Too Sure About Deepfake Influencing 2024 Elections

It’s late December and the media are amping up pre-election chatter. The United States, the United Kingdom and India are all going to the polls. It’s the biggest election year in the history of the democratic process. The dominant narrative is, of course, AI. Deepfake video and audio content are threatening to laugh in the […]