India's Ambitious Plan to Develop 6G: Too Soon or Future-Forward?

The telecom industry is constantly evolving, and with the advent of 5G technology, many are already looking ahead to the future of 6G. While many are eager to leap into the future, some raise concerns about the need to address current infrastructure challenges. As one famous quote says, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Therefore, it’s essential to take one step at a time toward progress. India’s ambitious plan to emerge as a global leader in developing 6G technology has sparked discussions about the feasibility of this plan, given the ongoing challenges of expanding and improving the existing 5G infrastructure.

Is 5G Infrastructure a Burden?

While 5G offers faster download speeds and lower latency, 6G is expected to bring even greater improvements to mobile communications. Potential applications of 6G technology include augmented and virtual reality, holographic communications, and advanced robotics. However, developing 6G technology comes with its own set of challenges. The need for more advanced antennas and infrastructure is just the tip of the iceberg. Additionally, 6G technology will likely require even greater investment from telecom companies and governments than 5G. The significant investment required for developing 6G begs the question of what factors will need to be in place to ensure that it is a viable and worthwhile investment for both telecom companies and governments. How can these stakeholders balance the potential benefits of 6G with the ongoing demands of improving existing 5G infrastructure?

Developing 6G

India’s plan to become a global voice in the 6G technology arena is undoubtedly ambitious. However, one may question whether it is feasible given the ongoing challenges of expanding and improving the existing 5G infrastructure. With only a fraction of its population currently using 4G technology, India needs to prioritize the expansion of its existing 5G infrastructure to provide connectivity to its citizens. The development of 6G technology should not come at the expense of addressing current infrastructure and connectivity issues that affect millions of Indians.

Is it Too Early to Talk About 6G?

While India’s ambitious plan to become a global voice in 6G technology is commendable, it raises concerns about whether it is too early to talk about 6G when 5G is yet to take off in India. The country still faces challenges with 5G adoption, including the availability of spectrum and the high cost of equipment. It is crucial for India to focus on resolving these issues before diverting its attention to developing 6G technology. If India fails to address the challenges faced by 5G adoption and prematurely focuses on developing 6G technology, it could have serious implications for the country’s telecommunications sector. The failure to establish a robust 5G infrastructure could lead to a significant setback in the sector’s growth and competitiveness, potentially causing India to fall behind other countries in terms of technological advancements.

Additionally, investing in 6G technology before resolving issues with 5G adoption could result in a waste of resources, which could have been better utilized to improve the current telecommunications infrastructure. This could have a negative impact on the country’s economic growth and development.

Furthermore, the failure to establish a strong telecommunications sector could also affect other industries that rely on this infrastructure, such as healthcare, education, and finance. It is crucial for India to prioritize resolving the challenges with 5G adoption before diverting its attention to 6G technology to ensure the country’s long-term success and competitiveness in the global market.

Final Thought

India’s plan to become a global voice in 6G technology is ambitious, as long as it doesn’t neglect the ongoing challenges of expanding and improving the existing 5G infrastructure. While 6G technology has the potential to revolutionize the telecom industry, India needs to focus on resolving the current challenges of 5G adoption before diverting its attention to the future of 6G. It is only by addressing these challenges that India can ensure that its citizens have access to the best possible mobile communications technology.

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