Intel Is in the News for Its New Independent AI Software Firm

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Intel is in the news again as it has introduced Articul8 AI, an independent company centered around enterprise-focused GenAI software

  • The GenAI software product is tailored exclusively for enterprise applications, emphasizing speed of deployment, scalability, security, and sustainability.
  • Financial details of the deal and Intel’s stake in Articul8 AI remain undisclosed, emphasizing Articul8’s autonomy with an independent board of directors.

Intel has announced Articul8 AI, a new independent company focused on the development and deployment of enterprise-focused generative AI software.

The $198.36 billion company wants to address privacy and security concerns that come with introducing AI into corporate environments. DigitalBridge Group, a digital-focused asset manager, and other key investors like Fin Capital, Mindset Ventures, and GiantLeap Capital, among others, are backing it in this venture.

Articul8 AI, pronounced “Articulate AI,” evolved from Intel’s development of a generative AI system that combines open-source and internally developed (proprietary) technology. The system is an interesting development of Intel’s collaboration with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) on corporate AI technology. This combination allows the AI to read images and texts. And since it operates within BCG’s data centers, it will provide a solution to potential clients’ reservations about data privacy and the escalating costs associated with large cloud computing companies.

Its GenAI software product is built solely for enterprise applications. It’s for your boss, not you. Don’t get too excited. They are making a big deal from its speed of deployment, scalability, security, and sustainability. It even gives your higher-ups options between cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployments. And they’ve got their eye on several sectors, including but not limited to finance, aerospace, and telecommunications.

I really want to have a talk with whoever is naming these companies. Articul8 AI? OpenAI? xAI? Is creativity dead? Oh, that’s right! AI killed it. Sorry, I didn’t mean to put salt in the wound.

Arun Subramaniyan, former vice president and general manager of Intel’s data center and AI group, will serve as the CEO of Articul8. However, despite not being publicly traded yet, the new AI software firm is independent of Intel.

Intel executives have not disclosed the financial details of the deal or the extent of Intel’s stake in Articul8. However, the Nvidia competitor emphasized that Articul8 will operate as an independent company with its own board of directors.

You know Intel’s insistence on Articul8 AI’s independence reminds me of a rich boy’s insistence that he’s not rich; his parents are.

I understand that AI is the new shiny toy in daycare, but does every company have to have a finger in this pie? It’s becoming quite unappetizing. And yet no one is lifting a finger to protect the humans behind the training datasets.

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