iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Cases

iPhone 14 Pro Cases

Phones are not what they used to be. Nowadays, they have become much more fragile. While you could have dropped your phone before and then slid the battery back into its place, dropping it now might cause internal damage and, not to mention, damage to the exterior that might be pretty expensive to fix. The newer iPhones now have a glass back, so your iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro cases must offer overall protection without sacrificing the slick look of the cellphone.

Desired Features in Your iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Cases

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro cases’ main job is to protect your phone from all damage that might result from various accidents, but mostly from dropping it on a hard surface. When shopping for a new case, you first need to ensure a suitable model since each model differs internally and physically. The iPhone 14 Pro, for example, is 2.81 inches in width, 5.81inches in height, and 0.31 inches in depth, while the iPhone 14 is slightly smaller being 2.81 inches in width, 5.78 inches in height, and 0.31 inches in depth. In addition, you need to take note of the edges of the case, the grip, its drop protection, its thickness, and any extra features or designs it might offer.

Screen Protection

The best cases are the ones whose edges slightly protrude past the screen. If you drop your phone and it lands face down, the screen will not immediately impact the hard surface. Furthermore, ensure the case fully encompasses the phone and not just partially (e.g., the right and left edges only leaving the top and bottom vulnerable).

Good Grip

While cushioning your device’s fall is essential, preventing it together is the number one priority. Stylish iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 pro cases are all the rage, and shoppers seem to sacrifice a sturdy grip for an aesthetically pleasing and smooth look. The smoother it is, the more slippery it is. Online shopping for a case prevents you from testing out its grip. So, it is recommended that you shop in person for your iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro phone case.

Drop Protection

A durable case is nice, but you must look for a drop-proof one. When testing and listing their products, companies will mention the maximum height from which, if dropped, the phone is safe. It ranges from four feet (the average height of a table) to ten feet (the average height of a Christmas tree). The happy medium is a phone case drop-protecting your phone from up to six to eight feet in height.

Thick or Slim

This parameter entirely depends on your taste. Some people prefer a sleek design, while others cannot feel safe unless they have a thicker one. However, it is recommended to buy a thick case if you are a highly active individual, especially if you participate in extreme outdoor sports.

Our Picks for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Cases

CASETiFY Bounce Case

One of CASETiFY‘s unique technologies is Re/CASETiFY, which uses old phone cases, manufacturing scraps, and plant-derived bioplastics to make a durable and eco-friendly phone case. Their Bounce iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 pro cases provide extreme protection thanks to the rigidity provided by the thick corners. These cases have EcoShock material, which absorbs the impact on the backside and inside. Despite being a little bulky, it is comfortable to carry. Furthermore, it is MagSafe and wireless charging compatible. These cases can protect your phone from heights up to 21 feet. The Ultra Impact series, however, is the slimmer version of these cases, offering protection for up to 11 feet in height. This case retails for 90$.

Nomad Modern Folio Case

Some iPhone owners prefer folio cases over regular cases. Modern Folio cases from Nomad have incredible stitching and finished edges. It is made of Danish leather that looks better with usage. This iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro leather case has an actual rigid case that offers overall tough coverage. While these cases open independently, they come with an additional removable magnetic strap that utilizes the built-in MagSafe to keep them secure. These cases are MagSafe and wireless charging compatible. The Modern Folio case is being sold for 59.95$.

Presidio Perfect Clear case

Speck’s clear iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro cases are built for MagSafe. The phones we carry with us everywhere are exposed to the elements and therefore collect many bacteria. These cases are Microban Antimicrobial products that help reduce bacterial growth by up to 99 percent. The phone’s perimeter is double-layered., providing protection up to 13 feet and durability. As mentioned previously, these cases feature raised edges to protect your phone in case of Face-Down drops. The same goes for the camera ring. Best of all, these cases have a sim design. The most common issue with clear cases is discoloration and yellowing, but the coating of these cases prevents that. The price for these is around 50$.

dbrand Grip Case

dbrand has installed grip strips on the side of their grip cases without adding bulk to the phone. The camera area protrudes slightly to provide better protection if the phone is dropped camera-down. The side edges are lower than other brands but slightly protruding, nonetheless. The additional benefit of choosing this brand is how easily customizable it is. These iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro cases are also MagSafe and wireless charging compatible. the price for this one is around 48$

Nedrelow Leather Case

The Nedrelow leather cases are a minimal unique wool option. The benefit of these iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro leather cases is the cost: they look and feel like leather cases but at almost half the price. They are characterized by an excellent camera bump and higher edges around the front compared to the Apple leather cases. These cases are available for pre-order for approximately 35$.

Quad Lock Case

Quad Lock iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro cases are the opposite of minimal. They are MagSafe and wireless compatible. This case allows you to attach the phone to several types of mounts, from a simple finger ring to a mechanical locking clip or even a wall mount. The matt finish of the case is soft and grippy. These nifty cases retail for 30$. 

Utomic Interim EDGE Case

Some owners want their phones slim and sleek above all else. And with the Utomic Interim EDGE cases, you don’t have to sacrifice protection for a pleasing look. But these aren’t regular cases; they are just corner attachments that can handle the occasional drops. These iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro cases rely on a combination of adhesive primer and double-sided tape to remain glued to the corners of your phone. On the downside, these require a little setup and drying overnight. These corners have tall edges designed to protect your phone and rest evenly on a flat surface. Note that these are not meant to absorb impacts but to keep your phone raised and protected in the occasional slide off a nightstand. These little corners’ price is 15$.


Shopping online offers an incredible selection of cases. The best iPhone 14 Pro cases protect your screen and camera and provide good grip and decent drop protection of at least 6-8 feet. Furthermore, you no longer have to sacrifice style for practicality: there’s something for everyone. Before you complete your purchase, however, double check the case meets your needs.

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