iPhone 14

iPhones on Black Friday

Many shoppers looking for Apple’s latest high-end phones returned empty handed from its stores this Black Friday as the technology company struggles with production snafus in China. Among them were Sally Gannon and her son Michael, who were visiting an Apple store in Bethesda, where they found no iPhone Pros in stock. Similarly, Abisha Luitel […]

Apple in China

Apple is one of the biggest names in the tech industry. It is a known fact that even though the brand is US based, the production is heavily based in China. This is a general practice among big tech names. The labor cost in China is cheaper, and most materials are available there. It makes […]

Apple Warns of Lower iPhone Shipments

Apple Inc expects lower shipments of premium iPhone 14 models than previously anticipated following a significant production cut at a virus-blighted plant in China, dampening its sales outlook for the busy year-end holiday season. Demand for high-end smartphones assembled at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant has helped Apple remain a bright spot in a technology sector battered […]

iPhone 14 Pro Cases

Phones are not what they used to be. Nowadays, they have become much more fragile. While you could have dropped your phone before and then slid the battery back into its place, dropping it now might cause internal damage and, not to mention, damage to the exterior that might be pretty expensive to fix. The […]

Remember floppy disks? Nowadays, we wouldn’t dream of storing our data on such a bulky storage device. In fact, even the humble USB stick’s use is dwindling as everything heads to the cloud. But we all still use SIM cards, don’t we? Not for much longer — Apple has removed SIM card trays for all […]


Apple held its annual, most anticipated showcase event and announced its products that most Apple fans would be excited about. The iPhone parent announced various additions to its roster, alongside the eagerly awaited iPhone 14. We will take a brief look at all that the iOS developer unveiled at the Apple Event 2022.  The iPhone […]

Satellite SOS iPhone

Apple Inc on Wednesday avoided price hikes of its best-selling iPhones during its biggest product launch of the year, focusing on safety upgrades rather than flashy new technical specs with the exception of a new adventure-focused watch. The iPhone maker leaned into safety technologies like the ability to detect a car accident and summon a […]

iPhone 14 Pro Leaked

Apple enthusiasts, lovers, and devoted supporters, such as myself, the time has finally come to that time of the year when the Big Tech software developer uncovers the veil off of its latest iPhone. This year, the iPhone 14 Pro models, same as their predecessors, are highly anticipated. Yet things are slightly different with this […]