Millions of gamers frustrated after Fortnite servers go down

In the midst of several cyberattacks happening around the world, Fortnite was down for an unknown glitch with Epic Games struggling to get the free-to-play battle royale game back online.

Problems with the game started hours ago, with login and matchmaking issues reaching players across the world, then later on, Developer Epic Games announced that the game was unavailable and that servers had been brought down to investigate the stability issues afflicting the game.

Thousands of players have reported the outage on, while there is no explanation for what’s the main reason behind the stability issues. However, it appears the server outage is a result of the fix, not the problem itself.

As such, the timing of the incident could have not been worse for parents, whose obsession for the gaming industry increases in winter when school breaks are on bringing hours of their times on their passion.

In parallel, the Epic Games Store was also having problems, where some players said they couldn’t log in or even access their games for offline play. Later on, the Epic Games desktop launcher resumed working so gamers can still play other games on their PC.

Epic Games posted to Twitter that its team was investigating a problem with the game’s servers.

“Fortnite is currently unavailable and players are unable to log-in while we investigate an issue. We’ll provide more info when we have a solution to bring services back online,” it added.

The problem has now been solved and the game is back up and running. “Fortnite game servers are back online and the Winterfest continues!”

Getting into more details regarding the game the platform offers, the third chapter of Fortnite’s saga has had plenty of surprises for fans, not just with the inclusion of Spider-Man, following several of his fellow Marvel heroes being already introduced to the game such as Captain America, Ghost Rider, Thor, Iron Man, and more, but also with the appearance of the Rock as the Foundation.

The latter is a character that a player can find roaming the digital landscape, while fans looking to complete the current battle pass, they have until early March to unlock all the items that are associated with the first season of this new chapter that flips the island on its head, literally.

It is worth mentioning that there are free games on the Epic Game Store, or if a user has an Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus subscription you should have plenty of other free titles to choose from.