Noel Moukheiber: A Leadership Promoting Innovation

Promoting Innovation

Payment gateways have become the backbones of the incipient cashless economy, playing an indispensable role in connecting the financial world with consumers. Yet to guarantee the success of such a central division in the economic sphere, having a distinctive sense of leadership is crucial. Noel Moukheiber’s leadership skills are the fuel driving his team’s transformation and change in MontyPay’s journey into the financial ecosystem as the company works on transforming the business model and serving its user base with vigorous and unwavering oversight.

Launched in 2021, MontyPay is a subsidiary of Monty Finance UK. This global digital payment gateway has an international presence in multiple countries, including Cyprus, Lebanon, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Indonesia, and many more. It offers an intelligent platform that helps merchants effortlessly and securely collect their payments. Data security and fraud prevention, simple pricing, and fast integration and onboarding are three major selling points of this innovation.

For the last 16 years, Noel Moukheiber has climbed the ladder. Today, he is the general manager (GM) of MontyPay, which he joined in April of 2021 as a Business Director. His bachelor’s degree in computer science and subsequent executive Master of Business Administration were but steppingstones in his pursuit of knowledge that resulted in an extensive portfolio in technology, payment gateway, and fintech. His experience stretches from management and strategic planning to business development.

Moukheiber’s accomplishments are not limited to the business world, as he is the founder of Taekwondo Fighters Academy, which has been providing taekwondo and fitness classes since 2004. In addition, he’s the founder of Moukheiber Tradings which represents and distributes different multinational companies in the levant region.

As a Black Belt 6th Dan holder, Noel believes in five core values: integrity, passion, respect and team spirit, creativity, and determination. While his interests always orbited around technology, digital solutions, and numbers, the acceleration of the digitalization of payments in recent years strengthened his resolve to enter the fintech space.

At Monty Pay, Noel’s work revolves around developing the needed structures and managing the company’s overall operations. While his central role is defining MontyPay’s goals and strategy and ensuring his team members understand their roles and key performance indicators, he is also responsible for setting the budget and optimizing the expenses.

Noel joined Monty Group’s workforce in April 2021, and the first live transaction occurred on October 26th, 2021. From there, Noel’s dedication to extending the company’s reach, as he “takes pride in the rate at which we delivered MontyPay to users.” In less than seven months, the MontyPay team built the company’s mission and vision, implemented a smart platform, and prepared the branding and website. They partnered with strategic acquirers and got their first customers.

“I aim to build a good relationship with my team through trust, transparency, and open communication,” told Noel Inside Telecom. “It is important that my team remains motivated and productive,” he added.

He believes a healthy work environment empowers the team against challenges and allows them to be innovative and think outside the box. In his reinforcement of his team to succeed in establishing a certain sense of leadership in each and every one of them, Noel considers his “top management success at MontyPay would be the team’s transition from a corporate mindset to an entrepreneurial one.” Most of his crew has an established background in the banking sector, where the procedures are set, and the business is already operational. The shift in the environment was challenging at first as they went from relying on operating procedures to starting from scratch. But by putting down a long-term plan, the team has managed to overcome this obstacle. “I believe in creating a strong mindset for success for my team. It allows people to stay focused and positive. It helps them to understand that struggle is temporary and won’t derail their success,” Moukheiber said.

As the world accelerates its adoption of innovative technologies, the fintech industry is bound to face challenges when further revving the digitalization transition. Nevertheless, to guarantee progress in the ascend of the industry, professionals must recognize the immense pressure put on the financial service industry, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. The dynamics have changed, and Noel is aware of this. And this change in forces is bringing into being the need to have a much deeper understanding of the importance of data and how to use it.

The rising leader considers data as one of the key pillars that enable a much more extensive understanding of the market they are targeting, “not only in terms of risks but also emerging opportunities.” Innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and, most importantly, big data, are imperative in business analysis, global spending forecasts, and predictive analytics.

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