ChatGPT Are You Down, Down, Down? Like Seriously DOWN?

ChatGPT goes offline in what has been dubbed a “major outage.”

ChatGPT goes offline in what has been dubbed a “major outage.”

For those who had assignments due and needed to use the AI tool, a message appeared stating, “At capacity right now.”

On the error page, there’s even a ChatGPT-written rap about the status of ChatGPT, beginning with “Yeah, yo, what’s up, ChatGPT fam.”

However, the creators at OpenAI acknowledged on the homepage that they were experiencing a “major outage.” An emergency investigation ensued, lasting more than an hour. According to the latest update on that page, engineers had “identified an issue” with the system and were working to fix it.

OpenAI’s API service was also impacted by this problem. This service is a third-party offering that facilitates connections to AI systems. Both ceased functioning simultaneously.

The system has not seen a significant outage in months. While ChatGPT has encountered some recent problems, these have been only partial outages that have either slowed down the service or caused other disruptions, rather than a complete shutdown.

One such issue occurred last night when OpenAI reported a partial outage affecting both ChatGPT and its API.

These issues come just days after OpenAI’s inaugural developer conference on Monday; however, there is no evidence to suggest a connection between the two events. The conference saw the unveiling of several new features, including a tool called “GPTs,” which simplifies the process for users to create their own custom versions of ChatGPT.

During the same event, OpenAI announced that ChatGPT has a weekly user base of one hundred million people. Sam Altman, the CEO, stated that the platform has about two million developers.

At its launch in November last year, ChatGPT was the fastest-growing application in history, sparking a global mix of excitement and concern about artificial intelligence. It attracted 100 million users in just two months—a remarkable achievement that was later eclipsed by Meta’s Instagram Threads.

Final Thought for the Soul…

Why can’t ChatGPT have another AI feature that can fix it, to avoid the entire ordeal of outages occurring now and then?

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