Overview of Fonia Telecom 

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Fonia was established in 2008 in the Basque country, offering various network solutions and partnering with distributors throughout France. Fonia’s telecom solutions include voice, telephony, internet, hardware, and hosting solutions. Fonia is shaping up to be an essential player in the French telecom scenes. Customers and partners alike are satisfied with the telecom solutions presented by Fonia. 

 A Closer Look at Fonia 

Fonia mainly offers specialized voice telecom solutions, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to be precise. As previously mentioned, the company expanded its work module, providing internet, hardware, and hosting solutions. Fonia formed strong bonds with Bouygues Telecom and Alphalink Operators. Fonia built its Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and various offerings. With such vibrant and thoughtful relationships with already established names in the telecom industry, Fonia has set its foot in the market and created its own reseller community. 

 Additionally, Fonia became the primary distributor of the PBXware platform from Bicomsystems. They scaled their work to cover various European countries, including Belgium, France, and Switzerland. PBXware is an innovative telephony solution with impressive scalability. It combines traditional telephony tech with flexible current telecom solutions such as VoIP, call recording and monitoring, conference calls, and further up-to-date tech. 

Fonia’s Project Overview 

Fonia oversees an excess of two hundred virtual phone switchboards for their clients. To be able to offer its vast array of telecom solutions, Fonia must have complete control over its technical stack down to its most minute details. To ensure optimal delivery of their goals and project, Fonia solely uses Dedibox servers. Hosting their PBXware telecom solutions directly on Dedibox machines. In fact, Fonia grew fond of the Dedibox machines, citing their reliability and peak performance. The telecom company migrated the bulk of its infrastructure to its crucial partner and Dedibox provider, Scaleway. The Scaleway ecosystem allows the Fonia project to be executed with extreme mobility and fluidity. The company utilizes a star network topography spanning three data centers (DC2, DC3, and DC5) to maximize the reinforcement of the project structure. 

Fonia’s Telecom Solutions 

Beside its ambitious process, Fonia’s bond with Scaleway goes beyond to include Fonia’s telecom solutions. All Scaleway’s assets are available for Fonia to use alongside other partners and community members, boosting Fonia’s presence in the telecom market

Optimally Available Network 

Fonia implements VMWare to virtualize its data Solutions. And it handles its telecom VPS via SERVERware platforms provided by BicomSystems. Fonia’s unique relationship with its peers and the Scaleway bond, previously mentioned, allows the implementation of RPNv2 technologies so Fonia can build its infrastructure with OPNsense. The Dedibox reliance is crucial for operations. The large bandwidth offered by Dedibox and the 10G provision on RPNv2 give Fonia a comfortable operating field to provide customers with their essential needs. The network is built to handle immense traffic numbers. Securing it with OPNsense firewalls and taking advantage of RPN-SAN service as an additional solution for storage. 

 Furthermore, Fonia backs up its installation images using Veeam. Veeam secures its backup using the aforementioned RPN-SAN technology. This storage solution allows fast writing operations while offering storage across multiple Dedibox Servers. 


Furthermore, Fonia backs up its installation images using Veeam. Veeam secures its backup using the aforementioned RPN-SAN technology. This storage solution allows fast writing operations while offering storage across multiple Dedibox Servers. 


Fonia offers its clients ESET antivirus software subscriptions. Across personal computers, company computers, and servers. Fonia even offers antivirus telecom solutions for mobile devices. Fonia has chosen ESET based on its high reliability and efficiency. 

 Cloud Solutions 

Fonia offers Total Cloud, a 100 percent hosting provider, which Fonia will manage its subscription. The company trusted Total Cloud with your data based on trustworthy reviews and an intricate security model. Fonia backs up its decision by ensuring secure monitoring of your data and ease of access. 


 ID2SON allows you to greet your callers with a customizable, personalized message. A personalized message can help you improve your customer experience. Better communication with your customer will result in happier customers and optimal customer support.  

Concluding Thoughts 

Telecom solutions are necessary for each company or organization looking for better ways to deliver on their goals and projects. The customer need is a dynamic, growing entity that needs you to be prepared to provide. The world needs telecom solutions, the clients need better telecom services, and Fonia is looking to provide the required solutions for companies and people. 

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