Sam Altman’s Previous Employers Get Rebranded

So Let’s Have a Recap, Shall We?

Day 1. First, AI media superstar Sam Altman leaves the company he started. The Board of OpenAI says he was ‘less than candid’ with them, but offers nothing more by way of explanation.

Day 2. The technology chief, Mira Murati – a staunch acolyte of Mr. Altman, was then appointed Interim CEO. And still no explanation, and the world’s media are getting twitchy.

Day 3. Further, Sam Altman arrives at OpenAI’s office to ‘chat’ (couldn’t resist using that word) about his terms for reinstatement. And the board, who fired Sam for being less than candid with them, is now, for the third day running, being less than candid with the world about why he was really fired.

Day 4. Next, Emmet Shear replaces Mira Murati as interim CEO. This is a man known for being extemely cautious about the rapidly developing AI technology. A case of replacing a faulty accelerator with some military grade brakes. And no word yet about the real reason for his departure so the world reacts by changing the name of the company to reflect its silence.

Day 5. Sam Altman joins Microsoft and its shares go through the roof and 700 employees of his previous company write to the board insisting they’ll leave if Mr. Altman is not reinstated again (A bit late, I would have thought).

Still No Word of Why Altman was Fired

Day 6. Then, Skynet becomes self aware and within nanoseconds, assumes control of strategic military installations with the aim of wiping out humanity.

Day 7. Lastly, X AE A-Xii, formerly known as Elon Musk’s son, is sent back in time in a desperate mission to prevent Sam Altman’s parents from ever meeting.

Editor’s Note: I apologise, but I added in Day 6 and 7 just to restore some normality to the rest of it, because up to Day 5 it’s so far-fetched it would be rejected outright by any Hollywood producer who’d like to keep his job.

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