5G Spectrum

India’s 5G Needs to Catch Up

India has been preparing to introduce 5G for years, but delays have kept happening. According to the most recent information, the implementation should be finished before March 2023 if the government has its way in the current round of frequency auctions. That depends on a lot. The government has consistently overpromised when addressing the 5G […]

The CBRS 5G Essential Bond

As long as client devices can operate in the 3.5 GHz range, the applications for CBRS are limitless. Compared to Wi-Fi which uses unlicensed bands, which are prone to competition from competing technologies. CBRS is typically on its own lane. You can utilize CBRS for financial advantages. In some circumstances. CBRS will be the most […]

Satellite Solutions Uplifting 5G

Mobile networks of the future will not just be 5G or 6G; they’ll be zero G. Lynk Global launched the first direct-to-mobile commercial satellite in April. On August 15, AST SpaceMobile, a rival, announced plans to launch its experimental direct-to-mobile satellite in mid-September. As launch costs decline, satellite fabrication techniques advance. Telecommunications engineers push new […]

5G Spectrum Auction in India: Here’s How it Panned Out

Since the introduction of first-generation mobile services, which could only carry voice calls, mobile networks have significantly developed. The fourth generation of mobile networks is capable of handling faster data rates. However, a newer generation of mobile networks is required due to the shifting connectivity requirements, increasing mobile data traffic, and a new class of […]