5G and the Metaverse

Despite multiple tech giants working on it, the metaverse has yet to arrive in all its virtual glory. In addition, the fifth generation of mobile networks (5G) has yet to be adequately adopted worldwide due to the public being satisfied and content with 4G. But once the metaverse is deployed, 5G adoption will skyrocket as […]

Deutsche Telekom 5G

As part of an “essential step towards 5G,” networking behemoth Ericsson has been awarded a five-year contract by Deutsche Telekom to lay the foundations for its mobile network. Ericsson will update Deutsche Telekom’s 2G, 3G, and 4G networks with a multi-standard solution. The Swedish telecommunications company will provide its multi-standard radio access network as part […]

Difference Between 5G and 6G

Connectivity is ever-evolving. Looking back, the first generation of mobile networks developed in 1979 in Japan seems so primitive now that we have 5 G rolling out and 6G in development. 5G, or the fifth generation of mobile networks, is a wireless mobile network designed to connect virtually everyone and everything, including machines, objects, and […]

China 6G satellite

The China 6G satellite launch is still recent. The world watched closely as the giant moved towards another push to dominate the market. Yet most critics remained on the edge of what they know and what they do not about the Chinese 6G plans. Most notably, the question remains, how will the US handle such […]

Ericsson to Invest in 6G Network

Network equipment maker Ericsson will invest millions of pounds in 6G mobile research in Britain, it said on Tuesday, working with universities on hardware security, AI and cognitive networks and quantum computing. The Swedish company, which supplies 5G gear to all four British mobile networks, said the 10-year initiative would help to drive development of […]

6G Vision for 2030

5G networks are still rolling out globally. Many regions still operate using 4G and, in some cases, 3G networks. It might seem a bit early to talk about 6G networks when you factor in that not everyone uses 5G. In hindsight, technology strives to push the envelope. 6G vision for 2030 will take time to […]

7G Network

Globally, the 7G Network provides a faster means of communication. A 7G network is the quickest way to make a call, whether it is local or international. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), or 7G, requires access to all local and international telecommunications. Additionally, all of its clients trust the 7G Network since it gives them […]

6G Network Countries

Although 5G technology is still in its relative infancy. Leading technological companies, including wireless carriers, chipset producers, vendors, and providers of Meta technology, are actively working to deploy 6G networks —the next significant breakthrough for wireless communications. Which countries are the closest to deploying their 6G networks?  Benefits of 6G Network Technology  6G boasts higher […]