The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized agriculture, enabling smart farming to improve decision-making, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.  ________________________  The Internet of Things (IoT) in agriculture is revolutionary and can accomplish various objectives to change how the industry operates. IoT-based smart agriculture aims to improve decision-making across the board for the field, accelerating the […]

Crop Treatment Accuracy

Italian-American vehicle maker CNH Industrial has acquired U.S. company Augmenta, valuing its strategic partner at $110 million, in a bid to help farmers harness technology to increase the effectiveness of crop spraying. CNH, a maker of farm machinery and construction equipment sees so-called precision technologies as a key competitive feature in its agriculture business, its […]

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In 1909 a short novel was published that has gone on to shape the opinions of every generation since, concerning what the future has in store for us. It was entitled ‘The Machine Stops’, and even those unaware of this novella harbor fears lifted straight from its pages. The central core of this 114-year-old story […]

The agricultural economy is expanded through smart farming, which also helps meet the global community’s enormous needs. IoT in agriculture can lead to better food, more supply, and affordable farming. Over the past few decades, agriculture has seen several technological changes that have made it more industrialized and technology-driven. Farmers have improved control over producing […]

The Impact of Telecom on Agricultural Production

You probably cannot emphasize the importance of having immediate access to vast amounts of data enough. Especially in today’s environment of rapid change. Drones, autonomous agricultural vehicles, and IoT gadgets can all increase agriculture’s sustainability and profitability in the new era of 5G connectivity. You can feel the impact of telecom on agricultural production across […]

transgenic plants

Prior to the development of transgenic plants, crops were altered to increase their productivity using the principle of selection. There has been a selection process like this for ages. The world’s population may top nine billion people by the year 2050. To meet the demands of such a huge population in some previous ages, food […]

Agricultural biotechnology uses various tools, including conventional breeding techniques, that adjust parts of organisms or living organisms to modify or make products and animals and improve plants and grow microorganisms for distinguishing agricultural uses.  The tools of genetic engineering are included in modern biotechnology, while its developments contain genetically modified plants and animals, cell therapies, […]

Is Biotechnology good or bad for agricutlture

The past couple of decades witnessed an emergence of technological developments and the modernization of almost all fields of modern societies, and food production is no exception. The fusion between technology and biology birthed a new concept, Biotechnology, which throughout time became a tool to increase food production as the human population globally jeopardizes food security. […]