Automotive Industry

Driverless Cars in Dubai

In the coming decade, Dubai’s transportation will undergo a significant change. Driverless cars in Dubai will soon become a common reality, and transportation is poised to undergo a revolution brought on by autonomous vehicles and other types of vehicles. The United Arab Emirates (UAE), a leader in research and development (R&D) and technology, has taken […]

Cheap Component

The humble wire harness, a cheap component that bundles cables together, has become an unlikely scourge of the auto industry. Some predict it could hasten the downfall of combustion cars. Supplies of the auto part were choked by the war in Ukraine, which is home to a significant chunk of the world’s production, with wire […]

EV subsidy extension

China is in talks with automakers about extending costly subsidies for electric vehicles (EV) that were set to expire in 2022, aiming to keep a key market growing as the broader economy slows, three people familiar with the matter said. The move by policymakers comes as the world’s second-biggest economy has slowed sharply – and […]

commercial EV plant

REE Automotive, which develops rolling chassis for commercial electric vehicles (EVs), said on Monday it will build an assembly plant in the British city of Coventry to supply customers in Europe. The Israeli-based startup said the highly-automated assembly plant it will complete this year in partnership with Rockwell Automation and Expert Technologies will have an […]

Vehicle Software Intelligence in Automotive

The smartification pandemic has massively hit vehicle software intelligence in automotive industry. All areas from car manufacturing to the tiniest component of the resulting vehicle have witnessed an overhaul that rely on artificial intelligence (AI)-based operational optimization. Power delivery, predictive component performance, assistant/autonomous driving are just a few instances exemplifying the radical change in progress. […]