Autonomous vehicle

Animated Googly Eyes

People have envisioned the cars of the future to be autonomous for decades. And as the years go by, technology advances, and the further it goes, the closer we are to that vehicular future. The 1980s witnessed the making of the first self-sufficient and truly autonomous cars through projects similar to Mercedes-Benz and Bundeswehr University […]

Driverless Cars in Dubai

In the coming decade, Dubai’s transportation will undergo a significant change. Driverless cars in Dubai will soon become a common reality, and transportation is poised to undergo a revolution brought on by autonomous vehicles and other types of vehicles. The United Arab Emirates (UAE), a leader in research and development (R&D) and technology, has taken […]

China's Driverless Car

On a busy downtown street, three delivery bikes suddenly dart over the pedestrian crossing ahead of the car. On the car’s dashboard, they look like small 3D blue blocks from a 1990s video game. The steering wheel turns itself a notch and the vehicle slows to a gentle halt, while the safety driver looks on […]

Self-driving cars were only a vision for scientists; however, seeing the first partly automated vehicles with various service systems on our roads has become a reality, So, how is 5G developed for autonomous vehicles?  Autonomous vehicles relying on 5G connectivity are being developed by companies worldwide.  Autonomous means that the car is entirely independent in responding […]

A semitruck completed an 80-mile route in Arizona with no human on board and no human intervention during the trip using technology developed by TuSimple, the company said Wednesday. The San Diego company says it’s the first successful fully-autonomous run by a class 8 vehicle, or semi, on open public roads with no human intervention. […]

Vivaldi has officially launched the first full-featured web browser for the Android Automotive platform and is available now on the Polestar 2. As such, Vivaldi says in an announcement blog post that safety was one of its top priorities when porting the browser over to Android Automotive. To that end, it’s only possible to start […]

Dan Ammann, CEO of General Motors’ Cruise autonomous vehicle subsidiary, is leaving the Detroit company. GM didn’t give a reason in a short statement Thursday but said that Kyle Vogt, president and chief technical officer, would be Cruise’s interim CEO. The leadership change comes just as Cruise is about to start a fully autonomous ride-hailing […]

Electric vehicle maker Nuro said Tuesday it had secured $600 million in funding from Google, Kroger and others to continue the development of its autonomous delivery vehicle service. The Silicon Valley robotics company has already made thousands of grocery deliveries with Kroger as a part of a 2018 partnership. “Demand for local deliveries is exploding,” […]